Jill Little, Defiance County auditor, has released the following information for August, with August of 2019 in parentheses:

There were 164 real estate transfers (155), with 84 conveyance transfers (76). Conveyance fees collected totaled $50,002.10 ($40,123.00), and real estate sales of $12,500,410 ($10,030,703).

New applications for the homestead exemption are now being accepted through Dec. 31. If you owned your home as of Jan. 1, you may qualify if you are age 65 or older during this year, or are totally and permanently disabled (if under the age of 65), and your Ohio adjusted gross income is not over $33,600.

If you turn 65 at any time in 2020, you may sign up now. If you qualified last year and did not file, you can file a late filer application along with this year’s application. Because so much of the information for the program requires information from your tax return, you may want to apply after you have filed your taxes. For those already on the program, turn in your continuing forms as soon as possible. If you have questions concerning the homestead exemption, call 419-782-1926 or 800-675-3953.

If property owners have had structural damage due to fire, storms, flooding or intentional demolition there is a “Destroyed Property Form” available in the real estate assessor’s office for a reduction in your value. This form also is used to report a building or structure that has been removed from your property. Call 419-784-3111 or 800-675-3953, if you have any questions.

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