Defiance County commissioners have approved a resolution showing their support for the Second Amendment and declaring the county an area where it will be protected.

The resolution’s passage highlighted county commissioners’ regular Monday session.

Among other things, the resolution declares Defiance County a “Second Amendment Territory County,” and notes that commissioners “fully affirm their support of the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and stand firm against any law or ordinance on any level of government to remove that right from any law-abiding citizen without due process.”

And the resolution states that the Ohio Constitution requires that “every person chosen or appointed to any office under this state, before entering upon the discharge of its duties, shall take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and of this state and also as an oath of office.”

The resolution explains that the county’s three commissioners (David Kern, Ryan Mack and Mick Pocratsky) “have all taken such an oath and believe it to be binding on them orally, ethically and legally ... .”

The legislation comes amidst a pending measure in the Ohio General Assembly (House Bill 62) which would establish Ohio as a “Second Amendment” sanctuary state.

“We’ve had — I’m going to say — over 100 phone calls to our office asking us to support this thing,” Pocratsky told The Crescent-News during an interview Monday. “We made a decision to support the U.S. Constitution and the state constitution, that’s all.”

In other business Monday, commissioners:

• met with Defiance County Engineer Warren Schlatter for his weekly report. He noted that Farmer-Mark Road is now open following a bridge project just north of Mark Center. Schlatter also reported that county landfill sales totaled $436,917.48 from 56,122 cubic yards of waste in April, compared to $494,540.69 from 60,413 cubic yards of waste in April 2020.

• opened bids on a waterline construction project in Sherwood with Craig Mescher of Access Engineering. Bids were received from Bryan Excavating, Bryan, $58,630; Fenson Contracting LLC, Fort Jennings, $60,825; Brennan Excavating Inc., $63,985; All Purpose Contracting Inc., Delphos, $66,060; Jay Dangler Excavating, Paulding, $69,740; and Vernon Nagel Inc., Napoleon, $84,390. The engineer’s estimate was $85,000. The bids will be reviewed and a contract rewarded at a later date.

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