Defiance County commissioners are considering the possibility of establishing a sewer district for the county’s unincorporated areas.

But at least initially it would merely cover areas the county government already is serving with wastewater collection services.

The main difference, according to the county’s wastewater operations supervisor, Brad Fritch, who suggested the idea, is such a district would be operated by a board, rather than directly by commissioners. This would not be dissimilar to the water district that serves Brunersburg or the water and sewer district in Ayersville.

At present, the county operates several wastewater treatment systems in unincorporated areas throughout Defiance County.

This includes Evansport, Middle Gordon Creek in the Hicksville area, the county’s Evergreen Lane Office Complex on Evansport Road, the Auglaize River area south of Defiance and an express sewer that takes wastewater from the Lake Christi/Brunersburg areas to Defiance’s wastewater plant on Ohio 281 next to General Motors.

According to Fritch, the discussion of a possible sewer district for these areas is just a concept or idea. He said commissioners plan to discuss the topic during future study sessions.

“They’re just talking about it,” he said. “It doesn’t mean they’re going to do it.”

Commissioner Ryan Mack said the idea would be to give residents of the unincorporated county areas a bigger hand in governing the systems. A county sewer district board could include those residents, he indicated.

“In my mind I was looking at it as a way (to give) people who live on these systems a governing hand in what was going on in their systems and more insight on the way it works,” he said.

As for establishing the board, Mack said “it’s just going to take a lot of research. We said we would be willing to study on it and see what it entailed and go from there.”

Ayersville, Defiance, Hicksville, Ney and Sherwood all have their own wastewater collection systems.

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