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The Lucas County Coroner’s Office has completed an autopsy of a body found floating in the Maumee River last month, but no identification has been made.

The man’s body was found floating by a passerby near the Cecil Bridge in Paulding County on May 24. Defiance County authorities recovered the body shortly thereafter near the U.S. 127 bridge, south of Sherwood.

According to Defiance County Sheriff Doug Engel, the body was that of a nude white male, five-foot, four inches tall and weighing about 153 pounds. The man had a few tattoos and ear piercings.

Engel explained that the word “music” was tattooed on his right side along with the word “gemini” on his back. Images of stars also were tattooed beneath the word “gemini.”

His teeth also were in good condition, according to Engel.

The report did not say how long he was in the water, he indicated, but authorities believe it was at least several weeks due to the level of decomposition.

No determination of his age or death has been made, but Engel said the man suffered no traumatic injuries, either internally or externally.

The sheriff’s office is awaiting results of a toxicology test from the Lucas County Coroner’s Office, as well as a DNA test from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, according to Engel.

“I truly believe where he was first seen was the Cecil Bridge,” said Engel. “... he was definitely in the river west of the Cecil Bridge.”

As such, local authorities contacted their counterparts in Fort Wayne, Ind., about the man, but no matches have been found. Engel explained that one missing person report was received by local officers — concerning a missing person from Fort Wayne — but this was ruled out as he did not have tattoos.

“We really need the public to assist us in identifying this individual so that his family can have closure and give him a proper burial,” said Engel.

Persons with information are asked to call the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office at 419-784-1155.

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