Around the globe, it’s film festival season.

The most iconic faces from the silver screen along with those hoping to leave their mark on the motion picture industry are having their works viewed by millions.

And this season, Defiance and all of northwest Ohio has not only been represented on the red carpet, but they’ve also spent time giving acceptance speeches.

Ayersville High School graduate and current Toledo-area resident Josh Nagel is no stranger to success. Last year, after he had created a video for the city of Toledo that went viral, Nagel produced a promotional video for the city of Defiance that drew rave reviews.

Now, Nagel is part of a group that is earning recognition for their documentary “ONE”.

The documentary deals with the world of drug addiction and the struggle of individuals and families to break free from its grasp.

Last Saturday, the film garnered the Awareness Award at the Burbank Film Festival in Los Angeles, while earlier this summer the film garnered the Heal the World Award at the Maui Film Festival held in Hawaii.

“Addiction… incarceration…families traumatized. We’ve become a culture that enshrines pain, at the same time offering it as entertainment. The documentary ONE goes beyond the seductive reality show narrative and finds the missing pieces that allow us to heal and transcend,” explains a press release on the film “Narrated by Zen scholar Alan Watts, the film links hard core devastation – Tito, a talented musician who turns to violence after his father is imprisoned for murder; and Nicole who sells her body for drugs in the wake of causing an accident that seriously injures a child - to a powerful force outside ourselves that cannot be controlled. Take the emotional journey with them as ONE explores the bridge between the broken and the unbreakable.”

For Nagel, the opportunity to be a part of a film like “ONE” was something he couldn’t turn down.

“The stories. The vulnerability. The pain. It was unlike anything I’ve ever been apart of in my filmmaking career,” explained Nagel, who was the director of photography and the cinematographer for the film. “This documentary takes a completely different look at addiction and what it shows is that there is hope.”

The film will be making its debut in Ohio on Saturday as part of the Film Festival of Columbus.

The Columbus festival runs from Friday through Sunday at the Gateway Film Center just south of Ohio State University at 1550 North High St.

Nagel’s film will be shown on Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Gateway Film Center and will feature a question and answer session with the film’s makers following the showing.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at while a trailer for the film can be viewed at

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