SHERWOOD — On Nov. 5, voters in the Central Local School District will decide whether to pass a 0.5% income tax levy for the school, and those involved with the levy want to make sure voters know exactly what the vote is about — and also, what it’s not about.

“The voters in the Central Local School District have sent the message that they’re not interested in a new middle school/high school facility at this time,” said Superintendent Steve Arnold. “They have told us they would support an initiative to repair the existing facility. We’ve also been told that they would support an income tax, as opposed to additional millage.

“The board of education is committed to follow through with these recommendations from the community by placing a levy on the ballot that would allow the district to make the necessary repairs and upgrades to the middle school/high school through an income tax levy. One hundred percent of the money raised from this levy will be used for the permanent improvement projects that the board has outlined.”

If approved, this levy would last for a period of 10 years beginning next Jan. 1. The 0.5% would increase the school’s current 0.75% income tax to 1.25%. The additional funds would go into a permanent improvement fund, and any money generated would only be used for permanent improvements. The original 0.75% income tax would still be used for current expenses and be applied to the school’s general fund.

The school’s goals for the new permanent improvement levy are to improve school safety, maintain and repair facilities, and improve educational and community work spaces.

A project list, detailing a 10-year plan for facilities improvement, includes the following:

— replacement or reparation of middle and high school roofs.

— adopting textbooks (both hard copies and computer software) in all core subjects.

— adding additional security cameras.

— replacing 15 school buses.

— renovating middle and high school restrooms, along with science labs and music rooms.

— replacing ceiling tiles which have been damaged by water.

— upgrading the middle school’s double-leaf exterior doors.

— replacing all interior doors.

— laying new floors in both high and middle school gymnasiums.

— replacing bleachers on the north and west ends of the gym along with the stage.

— putting down asphalt on the current gravel parking lot at the middle/high school and redoing the present asphalt.

— adding an asphalt parking lot in the grass area west of the gravel lot.

— adding additional parking lot lights.

— redoing and adding a storm water system, including catch basins and piping.

— constructing a bus garage.

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