NAPOLEON — Napoleon Area City Schools have announced that bus routes have been revised for the 2019-20 school year, but most bus routes will be about the same as last year.

Postcards will be sent out soon to students entering kindergarten and families that have a bus change from last year. The first bus pickups will begin at approximately 6:40 a.m. Students should watch for the buses the first few days until the routes are established. Emergency training for all buses will be held Aug. 22-23 in the afternoon. Buses will deliver students home later than the normal scheduled time.

If a Napoleon school district child did not ride the bus at all during the last half of last school year, the child has been removed from the bus roster. If that student plans on utilizing the bus for this upcoming school year, a parent/guardian must contact the transportation department to re-register the child.

For anyone who has moved over the summer, contact your child’s school as soon as possible to update your address. After updating your address with the school, contact the transportation department to request a change. All bus requests will take up to a minimum of two business days for the change, and each request will be handled in the order of which they are received.

Due to the amount of busing requests the transportation department receives at the beginning of the school year, any busing requests received after the end of the business day of Aug. 15 might not go into effect until after Labor Day. In addition, new bus tags will be available for your child’s bookbag during the Napoleon Elementary open house.

For more information, call 419-599-7015.

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