STRYKER — Stryker voters will decide who will run their city when they choose between a pair of mayoral candidates on Nov. 5.

Those candidates are incumbent Mayor Joey Beck, who was first elected to the position in November of 2015, and newcomer Kim Feehan.

In addition to serving as mayor for the past four years, Beck served one term on Stryker Village Council before being elected as mayor. A U.S. Navy veteran, Beck is married and the father of two sons. He is currently employed as the director of transportation at Sylvania Local Schools.

Feehan, 48, worked previously as an out-patient therapist for Four County Family Center and an adjunct professor at Northwest State Community College. In addition to the goals she hopes to accomplish as mayor, she explained she wants to give back to the community that has been generous to her.

Profiles of each of the Stryker mayoral candidates follow:

Joey Beck

Age: 49

Address: 103 Johnson Ave., Stryker

Education: 1988 graduate, Stryker High School

Family: wife, Kamie; sons, Derrick, Bryson

Occupation: director of transportation for Sylvania City Schools

Previous political office: Stryker Village Council, 2012-16; mayor of Stryker since January 2016

Reason for seeking office: “I have been mayor the last four years and believe in the path we are on. I would like to continue serving the residents of Stryker.”

Qualifications for the position: “I have been a council member and I am the current mayor. In my opinion, the desire to serve others is my greatest qualification.”

Top goals: 1. “Develop village-owned property sites for new homes, by looking for developers willing to partner with the village of Stryker.”

2. “Maintain 24-hour police coverage by working with the police chief to hire personnel to fill the shifts.”

3. “Pursue grants by looking for projects in the village that qualify for grant funds.”

Kim Feehan

Age: 48

Address: 410 Washington St., Stryker

Education: 1990 graduate, Stryker High School; 2002 graduate, Northwest State Community College, with an associate degree in human service; 2004 graduate, Lourdes University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and social work; 2007 graduate, University of Toledo with a master’s degree in social work

Family: mother, Carol Feehan; father, Dick (Jean) Feehan

Previous occupation: out-patient therapist for Four County Family Center and an adjunct professor at Northwest State Community College.

Previous political office: none

Reason for seeking office: “The first reason I am seeking office is what I have expressed in what my goals are if elected (see below). The second reason is to give back to my community that gave me so much love and support after my automobile accident in 1991. This community came together for my family and me, and had a wonderful benefit for me which was very appreciated.”

Qualifications for the position: “My master’s degree in social work and bachelor’s degree in psychology more than qualify me to incorporate my talents as it pertains to the mayor of Stryker. The very nature of the mayor’s duty is to preside over all council meetings and present concerns of the residents to the council for resolvement. My training, and my love and compassion for the community, will resonate in council chambers. By the very definition of social work, its aim is to alleviate the conditions of those in need of help or welfare. It saddens me to watch online the open council meetings and see first-hand little to no engagement. I am hoping that by my very nature, I will be able to engage both our residents and council with resolvement in a compassionate and nurturing way.”

Top goals: Police department, fire department, issues and concerns brought to my attention in regards to fiscal stewardship and safety.

1. “One of the duties of the mayor is the chief conservator of the peace. I look forward to working with our police department to find more efficient and additional ways that some of the concerns that have come to my attention can be rectified.”

2. “Springfield/Stryker fire departments and the village of Stryker have a history of decades of not being able to work together with their common goals. There have been too many rumors on both sides. Our present administration, mostly behind closed doors, shields our residents from the truth. I want open dialogue and resolutions for all.”

3. “There have been many concerns brought to my attention since I took out my petition for mayor. My first day as mayor will be to substantiate those concerns as valid or not. If in my opinion they need further reviewing, I will present to council as required by the Ohio Revised Code and present them to the applicable committees. At present, not much of this is being studied. I will be a hands-on mayor representing the welfare and concerns of our residents, and I look forward to the day as it once was, when I was a young girl growing up in Stryker as a place that I was proud to call my home.”

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