BRYAN — ALG Health announced Monday that it will be opening its newest manufacturing facility in here. The company will be opening its respirator mask making facility in 100,000 square feet of the building on Mulberry Street, owned and managed by the Spangler Candy Company. ALG Health, at its peak, is forecast to bring nearly 400 jobs to the area, starting in November of 2020.

“We’re excited to have ALG Health as a neighbor to our Spangler main campus” said Bill Martin, president of Spangler Candy Company. “Since the space in our Spangler west campus became available, our goal has been to bring in a business that would benefit the overall community.” Spangler Candy Company has owned and managed the 400,000-square-foot facility, which is the former Ingersoll-Rand/ARO manufacturing complex, for the last two years.

ALG Health is currently manufacturing its medical-grade respirators and masks in Defiance, but the significant increase in demand has required the company find a larger location. According to owner and CEO Adam Harmon, “The response to our products has been overwhelming, and we needed to find a space that was as close to move-in ready as possible.” He continued to explain by stating, “It was crucial for us to keep the business in northwest Ohio, and we were very fortunate to find a location in this area ready to go.”

The company had previously discussed moving operations to a Napoleon facility, but Harmon noted, “The city of Napoleon was great to work with, but at the end of the day, the facility needed more upgrades than time would allow.”

Megan Hausch, executive director of Williams County Economic Development Corporation, was instrumental in adding this business to the growing portfolio of businesses to Williams County. “We are delighted that ALG Health chose to come to Bryan and Williams County,” she said. “Northwest Ohio has a has a strong work ethic, and with the workforce and support services available, we think this will be the ideal place to grow the company.”

ALG Health is a 2020 division of the parent company, Axis LED Group, a manufacturer of commercial and governmental LED lighting. Using its manufacturing expertise, ALG Health produces personal protective equipment including disposable surgical masks and medical grade respirators. Currently, FDA approvals have been received and the company is awaiting the NIOSH certification to complete the requirements to become N95 certified.

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