Janel Weaver of ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital Wound Center has years of experience working with patients whose wounds refuse to heal.

Weaver is certified by the American Board of Wound Management as a wound care specialist. Wounds that are often seen in the center result from diabetes, poor circulation, trauma, prolonged or excessive pressure, extreme temperature exposure and pre-existing medical conditions.

“Getting prompt treatment of a wound can be the difference of a small wound versus a wound that has progressed to a more serious stage that runs the risk of further complication such as delayed healing, infection and amputations,” Weaver said. Patients with diabetic foot ulcers and venous and arterial insufficiency run the highest risk of wound complication.

“While we are well equipped and ready to treat almost any wound, it is best to catch any wound early so treatment is efficient and quick,” Weaver said. “We utilize many advanced products, such as negative pressure wound therapy, state-of-the-art bioengineered skin substitutes and many other products. Our goal is to have you healed within 60 days and on your way. This might involve weekly or biweekly visits depending on the care the patient needs.”

The Wound Center is well equipped, with four care rooms with wideset doors and overhead lights. Weaver works closely with the staff of doctors for consultation. (Drs. Richard Simman and Fredrick Weigand specialize in general surgery and wound care at the center.) Weaver also collaborates closely with the patient’s primary care physician.

Weaver is an alumni of Ohio University with a master’s degree in nursing. She is currently completing her doctorate of nursing practice at Chamberlain School of Nursing with a focus on wound care. She will graduate in May 2020. The program requires an additional two years of schooling to complete.

“It is something that I am very proud of,” Weaver said. “It gives me the additional skills and knowledge I want to further meet the needs of patients.”

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