DaVinci robot at ProMedica

Doctors Trevor Poole (left) and Fred Weigand of ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital are pictured with the DaVinci robotic machine. The doctors gave a presentation recently at the hospital on what’s new in the field of robotic hernia surgery.

Robotic-assisted surgery has been available for about three decades now. However, recent advancements in technology have enhanced efficiency and accuracy, while at the same time making the surgery less stressful and less painful for patients.

Trevor Poole, MD and Fred Weigand, MD, ProMedica Physicians General Surgery—Defiance, gave a brief presentation recently on what’s new in the field of robotic hernia surgery.

They shared with guests how the DaVinci robotic machine has increased the success of hernia repairs, and how patients are able to recover faster and be back to daily activities. Hernia repair is the most common surgery performed with the help of the robot.

“The DaVinci robotic surgical platform allows surgeons to perform a wide array of minimally invasive procedures for a breadth of problems,” Poole said. “This allows more patients to experience the benefits of minimally invasive surgery which can include decreased pain, decreased length of hospital stays, smaller scars and a quicker return to normal function with no sacrifice in the quality of their surgery.”

Weigand added, “It is important to me that patients in our community know that cutting-edge surgical care, including robotic surgery, is being done right in their local hospital by a surgical team that is dedicated to getting them back to their lives as quickly as possible.”

The DaVinci robot was set up in the main lobby of ProMedica Defiance and visitors, employees and volunteers were able to see the robot in action. Some took advantage of the setup and took the driver’s seat, moving the robotic arms and attempting to pick up a penny.

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