ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital (PDRH) is the only hospital in the Defiance area that offers the swing bed program. This program allows patients to receive skilled care services at PDRH once acute hospital care is no longer required, but the patient continues to need services that cannot be easily provided in the patient’s home. This short-term restorative care, averaging 7-10 days, gives patients a chance to heal and regain strength close to home, and their family.

Patients that may benefit from this care include that patient who has had a major surgery, joint replacement, an accident, stroke, or has wound healing issues that need special care. Physical, occupational, speech therapy and nurses providing continued IV medication therapy are common therapies given.

The advantage to this program is that the patient can remain in the same room and receive care from the same nursing staff that they are familiar with. Patients are able to receive the full spectrum of medical services including therapy and counseling services as needed.

“The continuity of care is a great asset. Nurses will see the patients every day that they work through the program. It is great to work with each patient and build that relationship,” said Jack Poling, director of inpatient services at ProMedica Defiance.

Patients and families are supported by nurses and therapists throughout the program to achieve success in reaching the goal of regaining independence. The swing bed program staff oversee all of the patients’ activities of daily living, providing support and education along the way. Hospital physicians see swing bed patients at least once a week and as needed should medical issues arise.

“This service is nice for patients that do not necessarily want to receive their rehabilitation at a nursing care facility. We have dedicated staff members who work directly with these patients as they progress through the program,” said Doug Kasubski, manager of rehabilitation services.

The ProMedica Defiance swing bed program team is comprised of nursing staff, Total Rehab staff, and discharge planners.

To learn more about ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital swing bed program services call 419-783-6955 ext. 5226.

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