Masked health care workers

Pictured are Dr. Virginia Halachanova, MD (left); Dr. Wendell Spangler, MD (interim health commissioner); and Julie Arend, CNP.

PAULDING — Paulding County interim health director Dr. Wendell Spangler, MC, asks that residents of Paulding County (and those visiting) recommit their efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The county has reached Risk Level 3/Red, which means there is very high exposure and spread of COVID-19 in Paulding County.

There is the increased current concern of the coronavirus pandemic and now the onset of influenza (flu) season starting as well. Dr. Spangler recomends that if you are willing and your health care provider recommends it, please consider getting the flu shot. By getting the flu shot, you are less likely to get sick or spread the flu virus.

While it has been a challenge to face the current pandemic, everyone must work together to make our way through it. This includes mask-wearing, social distancing, frequent hand-washing and sanitizing. Try to avoid traveling to high-risk areas and consider necessary travel only. It is also very important to try to avoid touching one’s face and cover one’s coughs/sneezes.

If you feel sick, do not go out in public other than to seek medical care as needed. This means we may have to avoid a social gathering, going to school or church that day until we know it is safe to return out in public. If you feel sick, contact your health care provider for advice.

Care must be taken with larger-size gatherings. It is especially concerning over the holidays as family gatherings increase in frequency and size. Those who are traveling could easily spread the virus by bringing it with them or catch it locally and take it back with them.

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