A new monthly low-vision satellite clinic has been established in Defiance by The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio, making it easier for people who are sight-impaired to begin the process of vision rehabilitation.

The Sight Center will operate the new clinic by appointment only at ProMedica Physicians Defiance Regional Ophthalmology as of July 21, serving people in and around Defiance County.

While nearly all of The Sight Center’s vision rehabilitation services can be provided in a person’s own home, the typical first step is a clinical low-vision evaluation, which is conducted in a professional eyecare setting.

Low-vision evaluations will be performed by Dr. Alexzandra Rudinoff, one of The Sight Center’s low-vision optometrists.

In addition to clinical low-vision evaluations, The Sight Center also will provide functional low-vision evaluations, case management services and resource information to clients in the new clinic.

Other vision rehabilitation services, such as white cane training, daily living adaptations, home safety enhancements and assistive technology training, can all take place in a person’s own home or workplace.

Both the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometric Association recommend vision rehabilitation early in the process of vision loss when people still have some usable vision.

According to a recent study by Prevent Blindness, over 7,000 people in Defiance and adjacent counties live with uncorrectable vision loss, representing nearly 6% of the local population.

“We serve quite a few clients each year from the Defiance area” said Stacey Butts, The Sight Center’s executive director, adding, “We’re thrilled to open a local clinic for others in the area who live with permanent vision loss.”


The Sight Center and its mission are unique in all of northwest Ohio. No other organization in the region exists to empower independence and enrich the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired.

Founded in 1923 as the non-profit Toledo Society for the Blind, the agency has grown to serve an 18-county region in northwest Ohio as well as parts of southeast Michigan and central Ohio.

Motivated by this mission and inspired by a 97-year legacy, The Sight Center offers a unique blend of programs and services that can help people of all ages work, learn, play and live independently with permanent vision loss.

The Sight Center performs three major roles in service to people who are blind or visually impaired. For many, we empower independence by providing individualized rehabilitation services that teach lifelong skills. The agency enriches the lives of several thousand more annually who stay connected to relevant information, seek caregiver advice or who find low-vision solutions in The Shop, the area’s only low-vision store. Finally, The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio impacts countless more lives by continuing to be a strong voice, a trusted partner and a respected leader on all issues affecting people who are blind or visually impaired.

For more information visit www.SightCenterNWO.org or call 419-720-3937.

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