Dr. Matthew Reiner, DPM is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon at ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital. His interest in foot and ankle care started when he was in school.

“I was pretty active in sports in school,” Reiner said. “I played football and basketball and acquired a few sports injuries during that time. My parents were not thrilled with my injuries, but I think that is what got me interested in this specialized field.”

Reiner has been practicing podiatry for four years and joined the ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital team in May 2019. He has seen his fair share of patients, from adolescent sports injuries to flat feet in adults.

“It is a very broad field, and that is what makes it so interesting,” Reiner said. “I work with ankle repairs, flat feet, and ankle ligament repair just to name a few. Each patient comes to me with their own unique story and need.

“Injuries I see in most young adults are ankle ligament injuries or lisfranc ligament injuries. Many of these injuries coincide with sports activities.”

Each year around 90% of student athletes will have some sort of sports injury. Of these injuries, 54% of the students said that they were playing with an injury present. Many say they play so they do not disappoint teammates.

“The pressure for kids to perform and perform well can be daunting,” Reiner said of today’s sports.

Reiner offered the following tips for student athletes and their parents:

• Wear the correct equipment. If the athlete is having pain or discomfort without having an injury it could be due to ill-fitting equipment. This could also lead to bigger issues or injuries down the road.

• Play hard. But, not too hard. Many athletes push themselves through the pain that they are experiencing. This can lead to serious injuries that may leave the athlete out for the season and in the operating room.

• Don’t ignore it. See a specialist. If it does come down to an injury, don’t ignore it. Seek treatment or a consultation right away. Leaving the injury untreated opens the possibility for further injury and the need for drastic corrective measures later.

“There are multiple ways to address a patient’s issue and perform a surgery,” Reiner said. “I want to do the best that I can with the least amount of trauma possible. After the surgery, I want the patient’s recovery to be seamless and quick. It is my goal to get patients to living a pain-free life and doing what they enjoy as quickly as possible.”

For more information about ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital podiatry services, call 419-783-6996.

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