Latta and Goedde

Congressman Bob Latta (right), R-Bowling Green, met with Paulding County Hospital CEO Ron Goedde during his Feb. 8 visit to the hospital to discuss COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

PAULDING — Congressman Bob Latta visited Paulding County Hospital on Feb. 8 to discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on the hospital. In addition, the discussion involved how the hospital is administering COVID-19 vaccines to those currently eligible in the community.

One of the main topics of discussion centered on vaccine availability and the limited quantities coming to Paulding County from the state. Currently, Paulding County is not able to meet the demands of those who are currently eligible and wish to receive the vaccine.

Congressman Latta asked the question: “If there was something early on that you could have changed as an organization to prepare, what would it have been?”

Ron Goedde, CEO, Paulding County Hospital, stated: “Additional clinical and nursing staff. How could we have gotten more clinicians to step in and help out? This would have helped to prepare for the masses we were expecting.”

Many Paulding County Hospital employees stepped up and were cross-trained to help better serve the needs of the organization.

“It’s been challenging, but it has really pulled us together as an organization. Communication is key,” stated Goedde.

The Paulding County Health Department and Paulding County Hospital have been working closely with the state and remain committed to provide safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations to currently eligible residents of Paulding County.

Beware of COVID-19 vaccine fraud and scams. PCH has been informed of an increased rate of fraud and scams related to COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Be aware of the following:

• If someone calls, texts, or emails you or a family member promising access to the vaccine for a fee, you should not share your personal or financial information.

• No one should ask you to pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine.

• No one should ask you to pay to get early access to a vaccine

Paulding County Hospital appreciates the communities’ support and patience as it works through the process of providing vaccines to eligible individuals in the community who wish to receive it, following the state of Ohio’s phased approach. It is important to remember that precautions are still needed to slow the spread of the virus. Continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance.

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