On Sept. 20, the freshmen, sophomores and one senior went to compete at the Fulton County soils competition. The top three for the urban soils contest were Luke VandenBerghe, Larry Klingensmith and Elise Hoylman. The urban contest evaluated soil pit sites to determine if they would be good in housing, lawn and parks situations. As a team they placed fifth.

The top three for the ag soils contest, which involved figuring out whether or not the soil pit sites are good to grow crops, pasture livestock or leave for wildlife, were Carson Bennett, Baden Skates and Clara Damman. As a team they placed second. Carson Bennett placed second as an individual in the county.

On Sept. 24, a group that consisted of four freshmen, four sophomores and one senior competed at the two district soils competition. The urban Soils team consisted of Elise Hoylman, Luke VanDenBerghe, and Larry Klingensmith. They placed 13th out of 21 teams. Elise placed 43rd, Luke placed 46th, and Larry placed 50th. The fourth member that went for the urban soils was Jonah Harmon. The team for the ag soils consisted of Clark Bartoe, Ava Hoylman, and Carson Bennett. They placed seventh out of 22 teams. Clark placed second in the district, Ava placed 30th and Carson placed 43rd. The others that went to ag soils for Pettisville were Nathan Rupp and Clara Damman.

On Oct. 12, a group of four FFA members competed at the state Ag Soils Career Development event. They were Clark Bartoe Jr., Ava Hoylman, Carson Bennett, and Clara Damman. As a team they placed 39th. The contest was held south of Bellefontaine.

On Oct. 4, when the Pettisville FFA alumni hosted Pumpkin Fest, several Pettisville FFA members helped set up, work in the cafe and run games for kids. Also, our chapter had six members compete in the Fulton County trapshoot on Oct. 15 at the Fulton County Sportsman’s Club. Matt Rupp was our top shooter. The team placed fifth.

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