The annual NACD poster contest provides students from kindergarten through 12th grade the chance to have their art displayed as part of a national conservation outreach initiative. Each year, the winning posters reflect NACD’s annual stewardship theme and highlight the work of conservation districts and their state conservation associations, auxiliaries and agencies to protect and enhance natural resources.

Defiance Soil & Water Conservation District has been collecting the entries for the 2020 NACD poster contest since the theme was announced this past winter, “Where would we BEE without pollinators?” The theme provokes the thought of how important pollinators are. More than 80% of the world’s plants need pollinators to survive, including the food that we eat. Unfortunately, many pollinators are declining in numbers. The result of this is plants producing less seed or no seed at all.

As the Education & Outreach Coordinator, when I go into the classroom and ask the question “what do you think the world would look like without any pollinators?”, the responses are endless. “The grocery store would be empty” seems to be the most common of them though, and they’re right. Pollinators affect our daily lives. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the medicines we take, pollinators are responsible. The students understand that.

On May 1, we gathered all of our entries and the whole staff voted individually on this year’s winners. I’m pleased to announce our 2020 poster contest winners for the grade 4-6 group are Kasey Hedge, 9, took first place. Madalyn Hedge, 11, took second place.

For the kindergarten through first grade group, first place, Austin Rohdy, 7. Then Lyla Imber, 7, was the second-place winner. In third place was Faith Hester, 7.

The winners will receive a certificate from their local ice cream shop.

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