GSM Sheds

More and more people are repurposing backyard sheds for a wide variety of uses.

A backyard shed is handy for storing outdoor items, such as gardening tools, bicycles, lawnmowers and more. There’s a trend, however, of repurposing backyard sheds into more usable living or storage spaces.

If your shed needs new life or you’re looking for more space, consider these remodels. You can do a basic update on a budget, or go all out and turn the shed into a brand new space.

A Standard Remodel

Update a gardening shed with a fresh coat of paint and new fixtures, such as a custom handmade potting bench complete with a wash basin, customized storage for gardening tools and gear and window boxes with flowers.

Man Cave or She Shed

If you can afford to put more money into the project, why not turn the shed into a space all your own? Convert the shed to a man cave or she-shed. Add a TV, sofa and mini fridge for an entertaining space. Add custom storage and a craft table to make a crafting space.

Have a hobby? Wire the shed to run a pottery wheel, woodworking tools or more. Or make it a peaceful yoga space.

A Guest House

If you could use a space for guests, consider converting the shed into a bull-blown guest house. You’ll likely need to add insulation and heating/cooling, electricity and furniture to convert the space to a living area. You could also add a TV and internet access. If your budget allows, you could even add plumbing.

A Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic sent many people scrambling to find space in their homes for a home office. With internet access, soundproofing, insulation and HVAC, your shed could become your new work-from-home space.

Add a Shed

If you don’t currently have a shed, consider adding one. You can buy pre-made sheds or build your own, or consider a prefab model that can be customized for the intended use. No matter what you do, check into local ordinances regarding sheds. Sheds above a certain size may need to be permitted and inspected.

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association sheds may not be permitted or may need to be approved by the HOA board and meet certain design standards.

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