BRYAN — The Williams County Soil and Water Conservation District’s (SWCD) annual Field Technology Day will be Aug. 8.

The event will be at the Williams SWCD meeting room in Bryan and start with a meal at 5 p.m.

The program of “Identifying Critical Resource Concerns” starts around 5:30 p.m.

As local farmers look for better ways to address resource concerns and still be profitable, SWCD staff hope to share proven management strategies that farmers can take home and use.

At the Williams SWCD, staff continue to focus on promoting conservation practices that will improve soil health throughout the region.

Keynote speaker Greg LaBarge, field specialist of agronomic systems at Ohio State University Extension, will address how to “Identify Critical Resource Concerns and Best Management Practices.”

Hear about cost effective ways to reduce erosion and nutrient loss specifically nitrogen and phosphorus by helping to identify field situations that have higher risk critical resource concerns and then learn how to match and implement best management practices (BMPs) for those critical fields.

LaBarge was one of the authors of the recently published OSU Extension Bulletin 969: “A Field Guide to Identifying Critical Resource Concerns and Best Management Practices for Implementation.” LaBarge also will cover current topics related to management of prevented planting acres.

What is the Ohio State University eFields Program and how can farmers get involved? Find out from Stephanie Karhoff, Williams County OSU Extension, how the OSU eFields program is dedicated to advancing production agriculture through the use of field-scale research.

Bert Brown, Williams SWCD district technician, will give an update on the following programs: Williams SWCD Cover Crop Incentive Program, Williams SWCD Variable Rate Incentive Program, ODA Working Lands Small Grain Program, ODA Working Lands Buffer Program, and cover SWCD equipment rental opportunities.

This event is sponsored by the Williams SWCD and OSU Extension Williams County.

There is no cost to attend, but reservations are requested for dinner.

Call the Williams SWCD office at 419-636-9395 ext. 3 by Aug. 2 to make reservations.

Join the SWCD staff for an evening meal and take home some useful information from an informative presentation. The Williams SWCD office is located at 1120 W. High St., Bryan.

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