Every year, the Fairview FFA Chapter holds its annual recognition banquet. This year, the chapter came up with the alternative to make a series of videos recognizing members, put them together, and to post them on social media. Members who would have had a speaking part at the banquet recorded themselves saying their part. Then, members put the videos together so the video could be posted. Many awards were given to members to recognize their hard work and dedication that they have put into this year to make the chapter a success.

Career Development Events

Participation awards were given to all members who took part in career development events. These events include: Rural and Urban Soils, Dairy Foods, Dairy Cattle, Job Interview, Public Speaking, Farm Business Management, Greenhand, General Livestock, Wildlife, Nature Interpretation, and Meats.

Some of our members excelled in their competitions and placed at the district level. When a member of a team places in the top 3 at district competitions, they receive an award. In the event of public speaking, Carrie Zeedyk, Kaitlyn Zeedyk, Cassie Mavis, and Tristan McGuire all advanced to the district level. Kaitlyn Zeedyk, Carrie Zeedyk, and Cassie Mavis all participated in a district job interview. The Greenhand and Meats team also both received recognition at the district level.

Chapter Proficiency Awards

Proficiency awards are earned by having an outstanding supervised agriculture experience (SAE). These students have put in so much time and dedication to their projects and record books and will be receiving chapter proficiency awards.

Agriculture Education: Cassie Mavis, Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance — Placement: Blake Smith, Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance — Entrepreneurship: Ryan Richards, Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication: Garrett Bennett, Agricultural Sales: Cadee Brown, Agricultural Services: Tristan McGuire, Agriscience Research: Cassie Mavis, Beef Production: Clair Shininger, Dairy Production: Blake Miller, Diversified Agricultural Production: Carrie Zeedyk, Diversified Livestock Production: Ashley Betz, Environmental Science, and Natural Resources Management: Jason Barker, Fiber and Oil Crop Production: Carrie Zeedyk, Food Science and Technology: Garrett Bennett, Forest Management and Products: Colton Saylor, Grain Production: Cassie Mavis. Home and Community Development: Dakota Shaffer, Landscape Management: Evan Saylor, Poultry Production: Blake Zeedyk, Service Learning: Hunter Streeter, Sheep Production: Kaitlyn Zeedyk, Small Animal Production: Brooke Phillips, Swine Production: Carrie Zeedyk, Turf Grass Management: Brayden Price, Vegetable Production: Brook Mavis, Wildlife Production and Management: Dakota Shaffer.

District and State Proficiency Awards

At the district level, Garrett Bennett placed first Ag Mechanics Repair and Fabrication, Tristan McGuire placed first in Ag Service, Colton Saylor placed first in Forest Management, Blake Zeedyk placed third in poultry production and Kaitlyn Zeedyk placed second in sheep production. At the state level, Garrett Bennett placed second and Colton Saylor placed first in his proficiency area.

State Convention

Also at the state convention, Cassie Mavis received a silver rating on her treasurer´s book, as well as Brook Mavis and Kaitlyn Zeedyk receiving a gold rating on the reporter´s book. State Degrees were awarded to Cassie Mavis and Clair Shininger. The chapter would also like to recognize Rose Zeedyk and Logan Smith, who will be receiving their American Degrees, the highest degree possible in the FFA organization, this fall.

Creed Award

At the beginning of the school year, we issued a challenge to the freshmen to be the fastest person in the class to memorize the creed. Carrie Zeedyk memorized the creed the fastest this year and received a garment bag donated by Advisor Jessica Nagel.

Adult Appreciation Awards

The success of our chapter would not have been possible without the guidance from these adults. These adults and organizations have guided our chapter members and have supported us while putting on events.

Tiffany Betz, Tara Shininger, Russell and Susan Zeedyk, Mike and Michele Zeedyk, Scott and Jenny Mavis, principal Tim Breyman, Ethan Wirik, Scott Highland, superintendent Steve Arnold, Arps Dairy, Hillandale Farms, Fairview Young Farmers, Craig Bowers, and the Wonderly family.

Thank You Awards

To honor the hard work of all these behind the scenes individuals, the chapter will be handing out thank-you awards. All of these members are what makes our chapter a success.

Thank you awards were distributed to Tristan McGuire, Garrett Bennett, Brooke Hardy, Blake Smith, Cassie Mavis, Clair Shininger, Brook Mavis, Ryan Richards, Brooke Phillips, Kaityln Zeedyk, Ashley Betz, Kaycie Betz, Adrianna Martinez, Carrie Zeedyk, Molly McGuire, Robbie Bennett, Cooper Wiemken, Levi Sudholtz, and Bailey Schooley.

Blue and Gold Awards

Blue and Gold awards are handed out each year to the members who work so hard behind the scenes while having a positive mindset and attitude. The members who received blue and gold awards were Hannah Colbert, Molly McGuire, Brooke Phillips, Ashley Betz, Kaycie Betz, Brook Mavis, Brooke Hardy, and Garrett Bennett.

Academic Achievement Awards

Academics play a huge role in any organization, especially FFA. The following members have maintained all Aś and B´s throughout the school year: Robby Bennett, Molly McGuire, Levi Sudholtz, Carrie Zeedyk, Jace Chapman, Colt Osmun, Brooke Phillips, Dakota Shaffer, Blake Zeedyk, Kaitlyn Zeeyk, Brook Mavis, Cassie Mavis, Ryan Richards, Colton Saylor, Clair Shininger, and Garrett Bennett.

AET Awards

AET is our computerized record-keeping tool. When our students have quality record books, AET awards them with badges. They can earn either blue badges or gold badges based on how well their books stack up. Members who earned blue badges include Garrett Bennett, Kennedy Hill, Brook Mavis, Cassie Mavis, Molly McGuire, Tristan McGuire, Brooke Phillips, Clair Shininger, Blake Smith, Hunter Streeter, Carrie Zeedyk, and Kaitlyn Zeedyk. Our lone gold badge winner was Colton Saylor.

Star Awards

Star Greenhand, Carrie Zeedyk; Star in Agribusiness, Colton Saylor; Star Farmer, Cassie Mavis.

Installation of Officers

President, Clair Shininger; vice president, Cassie Mavis; secretary, Kaitlyn Zeedyk; treasurer, Colton Saylor; reporter, Carrie Zeedyk; sentinel, Ryan Richards; student advisor, Blake Zeedyk; historian, Molly McGuire.

The 2020 Fairview FFA Banquet ended with closing ceremonies and a thank you for all who have supported us this year. In addition to posting banquet on social media, the chapter also posted a virtual tractor day video as well as a senior memories slideshow.

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