AYERSVILLE — The Ayersville FFA Chapter recently held a chapter celebration video and powerpoint. The 2019-20 school year was considered a success as the chapter recognized its award winners.

The chapter had a successful fruit sale as the members sold just over $20,000 in fruit.The top fruit sellers were: first-place, Luke Schroeder with over $2,100; in second place was Kiera Bohn, third place was Aidan Smith, and in fourth place was Lealand Powers.

The Star Greenhand award is presented to the first-year member who is most active in the chapter, has demonstrated leadership, and has a strong Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program the Star Greenhand went to Emma Limber, who received the award due to a strong SAE, numerous chapter activities and her leadership in the classroom.

The Chapter Degree is earned by the number of FFA activities, hours of community service, and money earned through their SAE. All the Chapter Degree recipients had to meet all the requirements and the following met those requirements: Michael Whitlock, Luke Schroeder, Daniel Hinojosa, Luke DeLano and Logan Bunke.

The Star Chapter Farmer award is presented to the chapter member who is most involved in all phases of the chapter’s activities, community service, has an excellent SAE, and has submitted a written application. The Star Farmer goes to Luke Schroeder. He is a recipient for his chapter degree and has a strong supervised agricultural experiences. Projects include showing market lambs, sheep breeding, market steers and beef breeding and is involved in many chapters activities.

The Star Agricultural Placement goes to Zach Retcher. He is actively involved in all areas of the chapter. His job placement included Retcher Straw, Flat Rock Swine and Farmers Elevator. Where he has worked over 900 hours and has earned over $4,500.

The Agriscience Fair is designed for students interested in scientific principles and emerging technologies in the agricultural industry. The Star Agriscience goes to Luke Schroeder. Luke competed in the Environmental/Natural Resource at the District 1 Agriscience fair. His research was in “What is the Best Cover Crop to Prevent Soil Erosion.” His hard work has earned a first place in the District 1 Ag Science fair and a fifth place in the 2020 State FFA Agriscience fair competition.

Star Agribusiness award is presented to the chapter member who has an excellent SAE program in the Entrepreneurship category. The Star Agribusiness award goes to Jacob Stiltner. Stiltner Lawn service has allowed Jacob to productively earn over $950.

The Ayersville FFA Honorary Chapter Member goes to Katie Budke. Budke has helped with Job Interview and Public Speaking Career Development Events. Also has guided many students on applications and reports with many of our FFA students.

The purpose of the DeKalb Award is to recognize student achievement in three areas: SAE, leadership, and scholarship. Today’s award is presented to the student who has shown the highest degree of proficiency in these areas. Please join me in congratulating this year’s winner of the DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award — Tanner Addington

The Ayersville FFA would like to recognize our 38th and 39th State FFA Degree recipients: Allison Engle and Trevor Okuley. They have put in a lot of time and effort to meet all requirements to get their State Degree.

The Ayersville FFA Senior Scholarship is given to seniors who have shown growth in the FFA, leadership skills, and academic progress. Friends of the Ayersville FFA are sponsors of the scholarship. The Ayersville FFA Senior Scholarship recipients are Jenna Baldwin and Zach Retcher.

The Ayersville FFA chapter held officer elections for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. This year’s chapter officers are Kiersten Mannon as student advisor, Daniel Hinojosa as sentinel, Leah Bunke as reporter, Emma Limber as secretary, Kiera Bohn as treasurer, Luke Schroeder as vice president, and Jacob Stiltner as president.

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