An Envirothon is an environmental problem-solving series of competitions where teams of five high school students (grades 9-12) train and compete in the areas of soils, aquatics, wildlife, forestry and current environmental issues. This year’s theme is “Water Resource Management: Local Control and Local Solutions.” Regional, state and national level matches are held through the spring and summer.

Most years, Envirothon teams would travel to a chosen location where students would be tested on area specific questions. Due to COVID-19, the competition for 2021 will be virtual. Going virtual presents an opportunity to extend this event to schools that never have participated in the past. There is now no registration fee, no bussing issues, and should not interfere with other testing that happens within the schools. Schools will have a week-long window to complete the test.

In Ohio, the Envirothon continues to grow as more and more high school students take the opportunity to display their knowledge of the environment. Ohio’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts sponsor five area Envirothons each year and welcome new high school students to join in this exciting and rewarding educational experience.

The area competition will be held in March and will be a multiple choice test. Defiance County schools will be competing against other schools in area 1 (which includes 20 counties in northwest Ohio). A percentage (depending on how many total teams participate) will move on to the state competition that will take place the second week in June. The first-place team will then be invited to the national competition in Nebraska.

Defiance Soil & Water Conservation District is dedicated to the success of the county’s students and is providing an online platform where participating teams can practice beforehand. You can go to for more information. Contact the education/outreach coordinator, Dru Mark-Wilson, if you are interested in participating in the 2021 area 1 Envirothon at or call 419-782-1794.

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