GSM spring cleaning

Spring cleaning tasks are accomplished twice as fast when everyone chips in.

Spring cleaning is a chance for a fresh start.

After a long winter spent cooped up at home, spring is a natural time to declutter, clean and organize your home. Here is a checklist of spring cleaning jobs to remember. You can go it alone, or consider hiring a local cleaning service to help you really make your home shine. recommends replenishing your cleaning supplies before you get started. That way you’ll have all the tools you need for the job.

• Basic cleaning. Sweep, mop, vacuum, clean toilets, the works. This is the time to tackle deep-cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off. Sanitize the hard-to-reach area behind the toilet. Scrub off caked-on soap scum and grime on the bathroom faucet. Really get in there and finish the job.

• Once-in-a-while jobs. This is the time to clean the oven, open all the windows and clean the tracks, glass and screens. Degrease the kitchen cabinet doors and hinges. Give the refrigerator a deep clean, including the door seals and glass. Defrost the freezer, if needed. Deep clean the kitchen sink disposal. Polish any silver. Dust the blinds and wash or vacuum the curtains. Shampoo rugs. Clean washing machine seals. Dust and wipe down baseboards and crown molding. Clean and sanitize remote controls. Check or replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. Replace air filters. Dust and clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. Vacuum refrigerator coils. Flip mattresses. Wash comforters and other large bedding, or take them to the cleaners. Reseal grout. Polish or wax wooden furniture. Wax flooring.

• Seasonal maintenance. Clean gutters. Clean and repair outdoor furniture. Pressure wash the deck or patio. Clean any debris from the roof. Consider having your air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced.

• Declutter. Spring is a great time to go through adults’ and kids’ closets to see which clothes no longer fit or have holes/stains. Make a donation pile and organize the remaining clothes in drawers and closets. Do the same with toys and books. Toss any food that’s been hanging around in the refrigerator a bit too long. Inventory the deep freeze so you can use up foods that have been lurking there.

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