HAVILAND — The superintendent of Wayne Trace Local Schools handed in his resignation Monday evening at the board’s regular meeting.

After serving for six years in the position, Superintendent Ben Winans said that he felt good about his time in the district and had a new opportunity.

“Wayne Trace has pushed me in a positive direction, and as a district we have prepared students for whatever they choose to do after high school,” said Winans.

Winans will assume the position of high school director at the Vantage Career Center, Van Wert, on Aug. 1.

Asked about his position as superintendent, he added that it, like many other leadership positions, is not about the individual but about how the district works as a team.

“I worked 10 plus years at Vantage prior to coming here,” he said. “I have enjoyed the success and the programs there as well as here.”

The new opportunity presented itself and he decided to go with it.

The board accepted Winans’ resignation and will begin the process of finding a new superintendent.

The five-year forecast for the school district presented by Treasurer Lori Davis highlighted some changes in income taxes that may affect the district. Winans reported that the changes don’t show the district in the red until the end of the five-year cycle.

“That’s a long way out,” said Winans, indicating that the downturn may not pan out over the long haul.

Angie Stokes, art teacher, was also at the meeting to talk about the purchase of a “turf tank,” a robotic field painter to stripe the athletic fields.

“Angie sees this as an opportunity for the students to learn computer programming,” said Winans. “Since we haven’t had much response from the community for painting the fields, we see this as an opportunity for time-saving measures and teaching.”

Winans also said that the district has some contact with The Ohio State University engineering department to help out with the project.

“Hopefully by the end of the month we will have a turf tank,” he said.

The junior/senior high principal and assistant principal, Mike Myers and Brock Howe, respectively, reported on the importance of the juried art shows in the school district.

Their report noted that the events have given students the opportunity to exhibit work in art museums through Ohio and Indiana; and enabled 11 high school students to earn 32 recognitions toward graduation seals.

Myers commented that one student will graduate in 2022 with the arts honor diploma after completing two AP portfolios, and AP art history.

In regard to AP art classes and portfolio submissions, they also reported that by the May 6 deadline, four students had submitted drawings or 2D design portfolios and eight students had taken the AP art history exam. Scores for the exams and portfolios will be received in July.

Also in attendance at the meeting were Therin Coyne, Kate Laukaf and Eli Spinner, music students who spoke about the “superior” ratings received recently by both the band and choir at the Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) competition. The superintendent and board congratulated the groups.

“It’s rare to get a superior rating,” said Winans. “Not many schools around here have both choir and band receiving superior ratings. We are proud of their accomplishments.”

In other news, the board:

• amended the retirement date for Tammy Nouza, who will retire on July 31, and celebrated retirements for Margaret Linder, Deb Simmerman, Jennifer Mohr and Nouza.

• accepted the resignation of Ryne Jerome from his position as Digital Academy aide at the end of the school year.

• approved Ryne Jerome to fill the role of summer school instructor.

• offered Cassidy Posey a one-year contract for fourth-grade at Payne Elementary.

• increased the pay of substitute teachers to $100/day.

• approved overnight trip for the FFA officer retreat at Maumee Bay State Park, June 1-3.

• heard that of the last day of school is May 24.

• heard that commencement will be held on May 22 at 2:30 p.m.

• offered one-year supplemental contracts for the 2022-23 school year for several individuals.

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