HAVILAND — The five-year fiscal forecast and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding calamity days were discussed by the Wayne Trace Local Board of Education Monday during its regular meeting.

Treasurer Lori Davis presented a detailed five-year forecast, where she shared revenues for fiscal year 2020 are basically flat from fiscal year 2019, that expenditures are down from fiscal year 2020, due mostly to the $2,000,000 the board put into a fund for a possible performing arts center addition to the school, and that the district is expected to finish in the black this fiscal year by an estimated $103,107.

According to the forecast, the district is looking at deficit spending in fiscal years 2021-24, but it will carry a positive cash balance in each of those years.

“When you look at these numbers, these of course are worst-case scenarios,” said Davis. “We are always looking at ways to cut costs where we can, with an eye on always having enough money to take care of our business.”

The board approved the forecast.

A MOU between the board and the Wayne Trace Education Association regarding calamity days for 2019-20 also was approved by the members. The particulars are as follows:

• Five calamity days will be allowed to be missed as stated by the master agreement. Once the sixth and seventh days are missed, these will be made up using Presidents’ Day and/or adding days to the end of the school calendar.

• Once these seven days have been missed, then further days that are canceled will be counted by the staff being required to report once the 2-hour delay is over. They will then be required to stay for five hours working at their building. Any staff reporting before the delay may leave when their five hours are complete. Any staff not reporting will be required to use personal or sick leave.

• When the amount of hours missed approaches the state minimum hours required for students, the parties will meet to negotiate a plan to make up time with students present.

“This agreement on calamity days is really not a lot different from last year, it’s something we wanted to get in writing,” said superintendent Ben Winans. “Right now we’ve only missed one day and have had a couple delays, so we’re looking good, but it’s still early.”

Curriculum director Tim Manz was in attendance to give the board an update on state testing, professional development, purchasing math textbooks that align with state standards, and to share the district is looking into the possibility of drone racing for students at Wayne Trace Junior/Senior High School.

The board also shared its appreciation to the community for its continued support following the passing of its income tax renewal levy on Nov. 5.

Said Winans: “I would like to thank our stakeholders in the district for showing their support of the district and of the income tax renewal. I would also like to thank everyone who served on the levy committee for the support in getting the word out to the public, for putting out all of the signs, and the work they did leading up to the election.”

At the start of the meeting, a hearing for the public to gather input on the 2020-21 school calendar was held, however, there were no community members in attendance. Winans shared the calendar is much like this year’s calendar, with the exception of a week-long spring break. Before the board can approve the calendar, the public will have 30 days to provide input.

Rhonda Stabler, who was elected to a seat on the board on Nov. 5, was in attendance Monday. She was offered congratulations by the current members of the board. She will fill the seat that is currently held by Les Hockenberry, a former board member, who was appointed to the seat in July following the departure of former board member Kori Stoller, who moved from the district. Stabler will begin her duties in January.

In other business, the board:

• presented Tim McDonough with the Ohio School Boards Association’s Media Honor Roll award.

• accepted the resignations of John Scarbrough, sweeper at Grover Hill Elementary, effective at the end of 2019-20; Yvonne Scher-McClure, bus driver, effective Nov. 12; and Vicky Carter, from her current position as a part-time study hall monitor and employ her as a cook/cashier at Payne Elementary.

• rescinded the freshman basketball contract of Brett Beckman, due to low numbers, and approved him as a volunteer in the boys basketball program.

• commended the students, teachers and principals for organizing and leading the annual Veterans Day assemblies at all three buildings.

• approved overnight trips for the high school wrestling team on Jan. 4-5, 2020; Jan. 11-18, 2020; and Jan. 24-25, 2020.

• modified several school board policies to reflect changes in state and federal laws.

• okayed the assessment of the district wellness policy.

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