Tinora Elementary School recently hosted the fourth annual Amazing Shake with Ryan Neff, a 6th-grader, winning the competition. Second place went to Logan Stein, a 4th-grader; and third place, Emma Bailey, a 6th-grader.

The competition is modeled after the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Ga.

This competition allows students in grades 4-6 to show social skills and proper etiquette.

In the five-round competition, the students were eliminated based on the scores they have earned. Students were judged on the following categories: handshake, eye contact, poise, confidence, communication skills, and the ability to perform basic life skills.

The goal is to help students build self-confidence and interviewing skills at a young age. This helps the students grow and learn how to become a successful adult. These skills are useful and necessary for anyone to learn.

The State Bank employees held a practice session for any 4th-grade student participating or a student who did not participate last year.

All students were required to dress in proper professional attire for all five rounds. Rounds 1-4 took place at Tinora Elementary School. The final round was held at The State Bank.

Prize baskets for Tinora Elementary School were:

First place - Galaxy Tab S2 (donated by The State Bank), $35 gift card to Higbea Embroidery; second place - $75 gift card and $20 gift card to Higbea Embroidery; third place - $25 gift card and $15 gift card to Higbea Embroidery; fourth place - $15 gift card; and fifth place - $10 gift card.

Each of the top 10 finishers received an Amazing Shake T-shirt donated by Higbea Embroidery, and a gift certificate to Marco’s Pizza.

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