NAPOLEON — Business manager Cory Niekamp of Napoleon Area City Schools provided an update to the Napoleon Area Board of Education Tuesday evening on the status of a long list of summer projects taking place in the district that he first outlined to the members in May.

The list of projects undertaken includes: drainage work in the front of Napoleon Junior/Senior School, with work by J.A. Hillis Excavating of Napoleon; drainage work in the front parking lot of Napoleon Elementary School, with work by Vernon Nagel of Napoleon; re-roofing of the concourse at Napoleon Junior/Senior High School by Richland Roofing of Defiance; pool and deck preventive maintenance, with work done by Lakeside Interior Contractors of Perrysburg; and tennis court repair/resurfacing, with work by The CourtSmiths of Toledo.

“The front draining project, where we had the ponding by the sign and ponding by the front sidewalks, both of those drains have been put in and are working well, and we have no more ponding water,” said Niekamp. “The last piece is getting a little more regrade in those areas and planting grass, which will be planted in late August or early September.

“The next project is the parking lot drainage at Napoleon Elementary, which was a big safety issue in the winter when we had water coming out of the concrete where kids walked into school,” continued Niekamp. “We had an engineering firm draw up the plans and we had Vernon Nagel doing the work, and they just finished today. We found out that our plan of attack on what was supposed to be a quick fix, wasn’t going to solve the issues.”

Niekamp explained drawings were modified to expand the scope of the project, and that drainage tile was dug deeper. A row of river rock on the south side of the teacher lot and the main entrance has been installed to cover the tile. He shared that the drainage is working, with no visible water on the parking lot. With that project complete, the district can now begin the process to close out the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission building project.

The next project that is nearing completion according to Niekamp, is the re-roofing of the concourse at Napoleon Junior/Senior High School.

“The final surface of the re-roofing project was completed today, so the only work left is about two days of trim work,” said Niekamp. “It used to be a flat roof, and we’d get a lot of standing water up there, but now the roof is sloped and stays dry when it rains. There is a phase two up there that we still need to do where a portion of the roof is flat, so that will be addressed in the near future.

“The fourth project is the pool and deck tile, which is preventive maintenance we do every three to four years,” continued Niekamp. “We drained the pool on July 8, work began July 10 and it was just completed yesterday. With this project, not only did we do the pool, but we did the deck because grouting was missing in certain areas. We started filling the pool Monday morning, it should be filled by Thursday, and then we’ll start treating it right away.”

The final project that Niekamp updated the board on is work currently taking place at the school tennis courts. He also shared that work on a kickball field at the elementary school will take place in late August or early September, and that resealing of asphalt at Buckenmeyer Stadium is underway.

“Repairs on the courts started about two weeks ago on six dead spots identified by the coach,” Niekamp said. “They (The CourtSmiths) came out and cut out the dead spots, and today they came back, filled in those spots and did coats on the surface. The goal is by Friday, everything will be done. Our goal for all these big projects was to have them all done by Aug. 1, and with the better weather, especially this week, we should reach that goal.

“The next minor project is the kickball field behind the elementary school,” added Niekamp. “If you go back there, you’ll see the layout and cones where the bases will go. The county is to dig out the infield, and their plan is to do that in late August or early September. When they finish digging out the sod, we’ll come back in with stone and finish that up.”

Meanwhile, stamped asphalt from the ticket booth to the stadium is being resurfaced with a blue walkway with gray on each side. The three-day project started Tuesday, with summer maintenance workers taking care of the resurfacing.

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