NAPOLEON — Student achievement was recognized by the Napoleon Area Board of Education during its regular meeting Wednesday.

In addition, plans for prom and graduation were shared with the board (see related story, Page A1).

In attendance Wednesday evening were members of the Napoleon High School state championship girls’ basketball team, as well as members of the speech and wrestling teams that took part in state competition.

Members of the girls’ basketball team honored included: Regan Badenhop, Olivia Bump, Sophie Chipps, Claire Durham, Halle Good, Ella Griffith, Kalli Helberg, Grace Hopkins, Alyssa Jackson, Emma Pedroza, Ella Rausch, Caely Ressler, Karleigh Sonnenberg, Taylor Strock and Ella Tassler. Head coach Corey Kreinbrink and assistant coaches Denine Cramer, Tyler Swary and Amberly Abbott were also honored.

Members of the speech team honored included: Maddie Lloyd, Alexis Johnson, Derek Gribler, Krisma Ramirez and Sarah French. Advisors honored included Heidi Mekus and Gwen Howe-Gebers.

Wrestler Demitrius Hernandez was honored, as were head coach Jason Seiler, assistant coaches Austin Ripke and Seth Beard and volunteer coaches Josh Lynch, Devin Meyer and Justin Miller.

Said board member Erika Damman to each group: “Success is not given, it’s earned. All of you are truly amazing.”

Passed by the board were a pair of resolutions, one concerning interest earnings and the other the third-grade reading state assessment.

A resolution to transfer interest earnings of approximately $356,098, related to the local share of the co-funded OFCC project, from the classroom facilities fund to the permanent improvement fund was approved.

Treasurer Michael Bostelman was also instructed to return approximately $1,402,449 of leftover funds from the classroom facilities fund to the building fund.

“This is the close out of our OFCC project, and this money is what is left from the local shares,” said Bostelman. “Last week I mailed the state share of the leftover to the state, and once they receive it and email me they have received it, we can consider the project closed.”

Bostelman went on to explain the money will be used for upcoming/future projects in the district. In addition, approximately $470,000 remains from locally funded initiatives that will be used for projects.

A resolution to administer the third-grade English/language arts and math state assessment in a paper format was also approved. Board approval is needed in order to administer the tests on paper.

In other business, the board:

• approved FMLA leave for Kathleen Pedraza, beginning June 2 for up to 12 weeks; and disability leave for Rose Mathena, effective April 14, for a period of up to one year.

• OK’d the following employments: Megan Johnson as an assistant cook at Napoleon Junior/Senior High, effective April 6; and Courtney Knapp as an assistant cook at Napoleon Elementary, effective April 22.

• voted for the transfer of Diana Parker to the Four County shuttle route, effective April 18. The route is in addition to her regular route.

• issued one-year limited contracts for 2021-22 to: Kristen Benner, Lane Bese, Elizabeth Fitzenreiter, Carley Frank, Hannah Hesterman, Branden Turner and Samuel Wesche.

• issued two-year limited contracts beginning in 2021-22 to: Adam Blake, Kasey Church and Ann Wieland.

• issued three-year limited contracts beginning in 2021-22 to: Megan Bostelman, Kelly Cooper, Jessica Hanefeld, Anne Kessing, Chelsea Mouch, Heather Villagomez and Diane Vocke.

• issued continuing contracts beginning in 2021-22 to: Brett Cordy, Emily Gerken, Amanda Gilles, Natalie Harvey, Christie Metzner, Brandon Schroeder, Tyler Swary and Alison Thomas.

• accepted the resignation of the following individuals: Karri Ashbaugh, varsity cheerleading advisior, effective June 30; and Jessica Munson, Michael Retcher, Alison Thomas and Ericka Stouffer, as Camp Palmer education staff members.

• approved the following athletic coaches for 2021-21: head coaches — Chad Bostelman, boys’ basketball; Corey Kreinbrink, girls’ basketball; Chris Speiser, girls’ soccer; and Jason Seiler, wrestling. Varsity assistants — Branden Turner, boys’ basketball; Denine Cramer, girls’ basketball; and Kristin Shepard, swimming. Freshman head coach — Tyler Swary, girls’ basketball.

• OK’d several supplemental contracts for 2021-22.

• voted for the 2021 high school summer sessions, June 7-July 16 with a student fee rate of $100 per session.

• approved the Napoleon Elementary K-6 student fees of $38 per student for 2021-22.

• OK’d a facility use agreement with the American Red Cross to use district facilities as shelters and other service delivery sites for disaster victims.

• voted for the Medicaid School Program service agreement with Healthcare Process Consulting; and a three-year agreement with Julian & Grube, at $2,600 per year, to prepare year-end, cash-basis financial statements.

• ratified a NBEC/NWOCA transport/internet service agreement with St. Paul Lutheran School; and the NwOESC mentor program agreement for 2021-22.

• approved the following then and now purchase orders: Maumee Valley Guidance Center for $10,000; Tyler Athletic Field for $12,400 and Maumee Valley Guidance Center for $24,372.

• OK’d the following transfer of funds: $1,684.14 from Title I FY20 to Title I FY21; and $1,062.60 from Title IV-A FY20 to Title IV-A FY21.

• accepted the following donations: 17 books from Courtney Schlade; $203.27 from Keli Baker’s family to the athletic department for the girls’ basketball post-game meal at the state tournament; and one HP laptop, valued at $321, from Larry Vocke to the athletic department for the track and field timing system.

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