LIBERTY CENTER — The Liberty Center Local Board of Education met in special session to handle personnel matters, as well as approve a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Liberty Center Classroom Teachers’ Association (LCCTA) on Thursday morning.

Liberty Center superintendent Richie Peters explained the MOU with the LCCTA changes language in the hiring process for educators during the months of June-August. Previously, the contract called for teaching positions to be posted for 10 days internally, before the position was open to outside candidates.

Peters went on to explain with resignations/retirements taking place in the summer, filling an open position was difficult with the 10-day internal posting. On Thursday, the board approved an MOU with the LCCTA which allows for available teaching positions, in June-Aug., to be posted internally for three days.

“With this MOU, if there is not internal movement, we can get a position posted outside so we can get the best candidate possible more quickly,” said Peters.

Approved by the board was the rehiring of veteran high school math teacher David Grim, who retired at the end of the 2020-21 school year. A public hearing was held about the retire/rehire situation, but no one from the public was in attendance at the June 28 meeting.

“Being able to bring Dave back into the district, a 30-plus-year veteran, at a far reduced cost is a win-win for the district, and for Dave,” said Peters.

Other personnel matters approved by the board included: the resignation of Seth Bowser, teacher, and the rescinding of his assistant band director/elementary musical supplemental contracts. The board also rescinded the middle/high school vocal music director supplemental contract of Mary Chamberlain, who is transferring to the elementary musical position.

In addition, the board hired Liberty Center graduate Lynn Leatherman as the director of bands/pit band.

“We’re very pleased to hire Lynn Leatherman as our band director,” said Peters. “Being from here, he understands the traditions of Liberty Center and of the band. We look forward to his involvement with the various community events, as well as on Friday night during football and with the pep band. We’re very excited to find someone of his caliber to fill a very important position this late in the game.”

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