PETTISVILLE — Meeting in regular session on Monday evening, the Pettisville Local School Board said goodbye to interim superintendent, Ken Boyer, and approved moving forward with the school levy for the November ballot.

Boyer, superintendent until August, had stepped into the position a year ago, led the school board through the process of writing, approving, and finally getting the levy on the ballot. The new superintendent will assume his position without the challenge of also trying to go through that process.

During his report to the board, Boyer asked for the board to approve the resolution that would place a 2.5 mill permanent improvement levy on the ballot this November. The board approved unanimously.

The board had already held a public meeting in June where they had hoped to get input from the community. Reporting that the meeting went well, and that the community participation was not only appreciated but well received, the board acted to place the levy into the hands of the board of elections.

Asked if it is a foregone conclusion that the levy will be on the ballot, Boyer noted, “Yes. As long as we get it to them in a timely manner.”

While sharing his appreciation for working with the board and thanking them for their cooperation as he stepped in as interim superintendent, Boyer said, “My time (as interim superintendent) was enjoyable and successful. We had an unusual year with the virus but we didn’t miss a day because of it. As a matter of fact, in spite of the virus we had a great year.”

This was the last meeting he would attend, as the new superintendent, Josh Clark, begins his tenure on August 1.

The board also moved forward with approval of the Pettisville High School Community Service, Student Engagement and Fine and Performing Arts seals to be added to diplomas.

As earlier reported, the new seals are part of a program that involves community engagement for each student as part of fulfillment for graduation requirements. Starting with the 2022 graduating class, all students who complete the requirements for these seals will be eligible to have them placed on their diplomas.

The board also:

• amended the administrative contracts with Mike Zimmerman and Brian Leppelmeier for retirement.

• added four and a half extra days payment for Jason Waldvogel, elementary principal, for his work with the COVID plan that helped transition the students going back to in-person classes last fall. The plan was submitted to the state of Ohio and required much extra work on Waldvogel’s part.

After the reports, no other business was discussed in the meeting. The next regular meeting of the Pettisville School Board will be Aug. 9 at 8 p.m.

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