PETTISVILLE — Pettisville Local Board of Education discussed the consideration of a ballot issue for phase II of updates at the campus at its Monday meeting.

Phase II would have three elements: inside and outside modifications and bus storage.

Inside modifications would be needed to the library, study hall, two computer labs and possible other areas. Outside improvements include the south and north field sites. This includes concessions, restrooms, scoreboards, seating and accessibility. A playground would be developed at South Fields and improvements made at the Tedrow Community Park, which the district owns and maintains.

Concerning buses, the district would like some type of storage and fueling facilities on site.

Superintendent Steve Switzer noted that he has met with a potential architect for the project, who will be giving feedback based on a tour of the site and a description of what the board is considering.

The course of action includes selecting an architect, designing the project, securing funding, bidding the project and proceeding with construction.

The plan would be to pass a continuing permanent improvements levy and borrow against the proceeds to fund completion of the outdoor facilities, bus storage area, and some interior modifications.

The board had scheduled a July 1 meeting to consider placing an issue on the November ballot since Aug. 7 is the deadline to place the issue on the ballot.

“However, since it never seemed to stop raining during June, significantly delaying planting. Out of respect for our ag community, we by consensus cancelled the July 1 meeting,” said Switzer. “The understanding was that we would defer on a November issue and instead consider a March 2020 ballot issue.”

In personnel matters, the board hired Michelle Schramm, a one-year limited contract as library manager; and Gabe Jaramillo, bus driver. The resignation of staff member Deb Herring was accepted.

The board learned that Ohio Facilities Construction Commission close-out requests for the district have been approved.

The only item in question at this point was the upgrade and repair to the security camera and building access system. The commission has approved $100,000 of co-funded dollars to go toward the camera and access project. When combined with an Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Grant of $40,000 (plus a $13,000 local match), the district will have more than $150,000 to put toward the project.

The board also anticipates a return of approximately $300,000 from the unspent co-funded project funds from the 2011 building project.

An update of summer projects was shared. The drainage work is nearly complete in the front of the building and wood chips were removed from the playground, with pea gravel installed. The cracks will be sealed and the playground relined.

The wind turbine has been down for several weeks since the first summer storm damaged the controller. Mike Zimmerman, who supervises the turbine, is currently working with Aeronautica to replace the WP4100 controller for the wind turbine. The initial cost estimate is around $5,000, but Zimmerman is working with the company to see if he can install the unit and save travel and personal costs. The controller itself costs $3,450.

Concerning the district’s standard for admission to the National Honor Society, the board approved a proposal for increasing the grade-point average required from the current 3.4 to 3.5 for 2019-20 and 3.6 for 2020-21.

In other business, the board:

• opted to continue the same prices for the cafeteria meals.

• increased the salary of the head cook by 3% for the upcoming school year.

• updated handbooks.

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