HAVILAND — Principals in the Wayne Trace School District shared updates and back-to-school information with the Wayne Trace Local Board of Education during its regular meeting Monday. The board also handled several personnel matters.

Grover Hill Elementary principal Kevin Wilson shared that a new wall has been installed at the school between the first-grade classrooms after the old wall was damaged by a water line break late last school year. A part for the wall wasn’t sent, however, and a request for that part has been sent to the manufacturer.

Paul Jones, principal at Payne Elementary, shared that fifth- and sixth-grade orientation is scheduled for today (Aug. 13) at 7 p.m. Meanwhile, open house at both Grover Hill and Payne Elementary schools is scheduled for Monday from 5-6:30 p.m. In addition, both Wilson and Jones shared that enrollment is up at both elementary schools at the start of 2019-20.

Wayne Trace Junior/Senior High School principal Mike Myers and assistant principal Brock Howe announced that open house is scheduled Aug. 20, with a general session for students and parents from 5-6:30 p.m. At 5:30 p.m., seventh-grade orientation will be held at the junior high gymnasium, and at 6:30 p.m., the eighth-grade Washington, D.C., parent meeting will be held.

The first day of school for students in grades 1-12 is Aug 21. Kindergarten students report Aug. 26, and preschool students report Aug. 28.

In her report, treasurer Lori Davis asked the board to approve a transfer of $50,000 be made from the general fund to the cafeteria fund. Davis explained that lunch prices have increased from last year (see below), and that the percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch has declined. The treasurer also shared the district received an update on state funding following the passage of the state budget at the end of July.

“The total (increase) we could see for fiscal year 2020 is $257,000,” said Davis. “At this point, we don’t know if there will be a requirement on what we need to spend it on.”

The board approved the request for the transfer of money to the cafeteria fund.

Also approved by the board was the semi-annual written summary of all bullying/harassment incidents for school year 2018-19, in which zero incidents were reported. In addition, the two-year review of the current Career Advising Policy was approved after confirming it still meets the needs of the district.

Superintendent Ben Winans told the members that all of the bleachers at the football/track complex at Wayne Trace Junior/Senior High School have been installed and are awaiting inspection. Work on the press box at the facility is ongoing, but expected to be completed in plenty of time for the first home game on Sept. 13. The outside is close to completion, with work on the inside, which is bigger than the old press box, underway.

Winans also asked the board to approve X-Tech to upgrade fiber, switches, UPS units and outdated hardware in the district at a cost of $107,636. The superintendent also addressed the new online registration system that parents/guardians are required to use, beginning this year, to register their kids.

“As far as the hardware, switches and fiber updates, while it is a big expense, 60% of that will be covered by our E-Rate funding,” said Winans. “It’s work that needs to be done, and we’re using funding we’re getting to do it. According to Ashton (Duer, technology coordinator), these updates will serve us well into the future.

“We’ve been getting quite a few calls about online registration, something that’s new for this upcoming school year,” added Winans. “Information was sent at the end of last year, and in addition, an alert was sent out to parents to let them know that we will have staff and computers available at each of the buildings during the open houses to help register students. If anyone has questions (before open house), they can call the buildings to get answers.”

The request was approved.

In other business, the board:

• accepted the resignation of Elyse Myers as elementary instructor, effective July 18.

• offered one-year contracts to the following individuals: Brittany Cavinder as intervention specialist at Grover Hill Elementary; and Casey Baldauf as a fourth-grade teacher at Grover Hill Elementary.

• approved the following breakfast/lunch prices for 2019-20: junior high/high school lunch, $3.10; elementary lunch, $2.90; reduced lunch, 40 cents; adult lunch, $3.60; junior high/high school breakfast, $1.80; elementary breakfast, $1.55; reduced breakfast, 30 cents; and milk, 50 cents.

• approved the transfer of Kaleb O’Donnel to the Wayne Trace Junior/Senior High School band and choir teaching position to cover for the extended leave of Sharon Spinner. Spinner was approved for a two-year leave of absence by the board, due to illness.

• okayed Julie Stuart as clerk for 2019-20; and Ken Speice as waste water treatment supervisor for 2019-20.

• approved the transfer of Mackenzie Swary to the Young Kindergarten position at Grover Hill Elementary for 2019-20.

• commended the head custodians, ground keepers and summer workers for preparing the school buildings and grounds for 2019-20.

• approved advertising and receiving bids through the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council for the purchase of one school bus.

• okayed the use of services provided by NOVA for the district’s digital academy for 2019-20.

• voted for the following bids for 2019-20: Aunt Millie’s for bread; and Arp’s Dairy for milk.

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