NAPOLEON — The Napoleon Area Board of Education held its annual organizational meeting Wednesday, followed by its regular meeting.

During the regular meeting, the board was given an update on the possibility of a multi-purpose building discussed in December, heard about remote learning and quarantine changes from the state, and approved the 2020-21 school calendar (see related story, page A1).

During the organizational meeting, elected as president and vice president were Ty Otto and Michael Wesche, respectively.

The members also voted to keep the regular meeting of the board on the third Wednesday of each month at the Napoleon Junior/Senior High School media center at 7 p.m., unless otherwise designated.

Other business included:

• appointing Richard Fisher of Hanna/Fisher as board attorney for the district; and authorized the administration to contract with the law firms of Bricker and Eckler, and Ennis Britton, for consultation on legal issues on an as-needed basis.

• authorizing superintendent Erik Belcher to employ personnel as needed on an emergency basis prior to the next regular meeting of the board.

• establishing the board service fund in the amount of $5,000 for 2021.

• authorizing treasurer Michael Bostelman to make advance draws, when available, in amounts available from the Henry County auditor until the 2022 organization meeting; to invest active and interim funds as such funds become available during 2021.

• appointing Erika Damman as legislative liaison to coordinate and disseminate information from the legislative activities during the coming legislative general assembly.

• appointing Bostelman as records commission officer for 2021.

• authorized Belcher and Bostelman to enter into contracts up to $10,000 for 2021. The superintendent and treasurer will ratify this action at the next regular board of education meeting.

Following the organizational meeting, the board went into its regular meeting and heard discussion on several items.

In other business, the board:

• was recognized and thanked as part of School Board Recognition Month. Board vice president Michael Wesche was honored for serving on the board for 35 consecutive years.

• approved FMLA leave for Beverly Junge from approximately Feb. 22 for up to 12 weeks; FMLA leave for Alyssa Bird from approximately March 4 for up to 12 weeks; and Kaitlin Helberg from approximately April 29 for up to 12 weeks.

• accepted the resignation of Elizabeth Fitzenreiter, sixth-grade Camp Palmer education staff, effective Jan. 7.

• okayed Joel Espinoza as a varsity softball assistant and Dave Mack as a softball volunteer coach for 2020-21.

• voted for Diana Dennle as a cafe substitute for 2020-21, effective Feb. 1.

• approved the 2021-22 school calendar, with a start date for students of Aug. 25, the end of school for students on May 27, 2022, and graduation on May 29, 2022.

• ratified a content licensing contract agreement with Buckeye Broadband/BCSN to provide live-streamed production, broadcast and other distribution of Napoleon Area Schools winter sports. For every game produced and distributed by BCSN for live streaming, the school will receive $100. In addition, for non-Buckeye Broadband subscribers, BCSN will charge $12 per viewing ticket for each game, with the proceeds for each ticket distributed as follows: 50% to school, 25% to BCSN/Buckeye Broadband for production costs, and 25% to streaming service provider.

• okayed the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) legal assistance fund consultant service contract from Jan. 1-Dec. 31 at a cost of $250; and annual membership dues to OSBA for calendar year 2021 in the amount of $6,038.

• voted for a professional service agreement with Perpetual Nursing for the district for LPN coverage due to COVID-19 from Jan. 11-March 26 at a cost of $11,250; and a professional service agreement with Perpetual Nursing at Napoleon Elementary for LPN coverage due to COVID-19 from Jan. 11-March 26 at a cost of $9,000.

• accepted the following donations: 16 new toys with an approximate value of $50 from Susan Like to Napoleon Elementary students.

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