New treasurer part of Northeastern changes

Buchhop and Garmyn

It is a time of welcoming the new and celebrating fond farewells in the Northeastern Local Schools. The official exchange of the gavel — or perhaps calculator would be more appropriate — has taken place in the district’s treasurer office. Susan Garmyn retired from the position effective July 31, and new treasurer Sara Buchhop assumed the duties Aug. 1.

Buchhop is a graduate of Tinora High School and has worked as an assistant treasurer in the Northeastern district since March 2018. She previously worked several years in the Napoleon school district. She praised Garmyn as a good teacher and record keeper, and feels comfortable in knowing the procedures.

Garmyn enjoyed her time with the school district. “It was a good place to call home for the 29-plus years,” she added. She wishes the best for the district and said she will miss her fellow staff members, as well as the board of education.

Many things have changed over the years as treasurer including the computerization of the office. But other things have remained the same. Superintendent James Roach made note of Garmyn’s last roll call of votes for the board of education members at the July 30 board meeting, something she did several times at each of the board’s meetings over the 29 years.

When asked about her future plans, Garmyn said she may do some traveling at some point. But first she will be enjoying the role of babysitter with her first grandchild and anticipating the arrival of two more grandchildren in January.

One of the earlier highlights of Garmyn’s career was when the new elementary school was scheduled to be constructed and opened in 1999. Now the Northeastern campus has a middle school/high school complex under construction, slated to open at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

Progress by Peterson Construction over the last two months includes foundation work with the two story foundations completed, and an elevator concrete pit installed. Other projects completed were a masonry wall at the small gym, underground and slab pours for the middle school wing, masonry bearing walks in the middle school wing, and summer flooring abatement in the existing high school.

Progress planned for the next two months includes completing all foundations and all plumbing/electrical underground work, and pouring the slab on grade in the two-story structure.

Masonry work to be completed will include first-floor bearing walls of the middle school and high school. From there, work will be done on the kitchen/mechanical walls and the second floor of the middle and high schools toward late summer. Once all bearing walls are completed, the crews will begin the brick veneer.

Setting the roof steel at the small gym is to begin mid-August. After the small gym is complete work will continue to the first floor of the middle school wing, and from there the high school wing first floor. The mechanical trades will be starting with their rough-ins of ductwork, piping and conduit later this summer. Roofing at the small gym is planned for a September start.

With the new school year approaching, Peterson Construction would welcome scheduled tours for the students and staff to see their building and learn more about construction. Ongoing masonry, drywall and flooring work could provide involvement opportunities for the students, such as signing a steel beam be used in the building or signing a concrete floor in the gym.

The administration and board members continue to make decisions on what will be the finishing touches. Those decisions include such details as the color and type of brick veneer for the exterior and choosing colors for the Tinora gym finishes.

As exciting as the building project is for everyone, it has special significance for current elementary principal Nicole Wells, who will be seeing its completion as the new district superintendent. She was chosen by the board to follow Roach who will be retiring Dec. 31, 2019, after 23 years in the Northeastern district and a total of 45 years in education.

“I am ecstatic that I get to lead such an amazing school district that means so much to not only myself, but the staff, students, and community as well. I am excited to oversee the completion of the building project for grades 5-12. The district has so much to look forward to,” Wells commented.

“I would like to thank the board of education for their confidence in me over the years. I would also like to thank Mr. Roach for all of his guidance and words of wisdom, and Sue Garmyn (district treasurer) for the impact she has made to the district during her tenure. The relationships with the staff, students, and community that I have developed during my time at Tinora will be the building blocks for Tinora’s success in the future.”

Nicole is married to Kirt Wells. They have two daughters, Kalli and Kenlee, who attend Tinora Elementary and Noble schools.

The selection of a new elementary principal is yet to be determined.

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