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Rhonda Stabler (right) is sworn in as a member of the Wayne Trace Local Board of Education by Lori Davis, treasurer of Wayne Trace Schools on Monday during the district’s organizational meeting.

HAVILAND — The Wayne Trace Local Board of Education held its annual state-required organizational meeting, where a newly-elected board member was sworn in. The regular meeting of the board was held following the organizational meeting.

During the organizational meeting, elected as president and vice president for 2020 were Lisa McClure and Richard Swary, respectively.

Sworn in after being elected in November was Rhonda Stabler. She takes over the seat vacated by Kori Stoller in June, and temporarily filled by Les Hockenberry through December of 2019.

Other business included:

• okaying the regular meeting of the board to continue on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

• authorizing treasurer Lori Davis to make transfers within the general fund accounts to pay bills in the limits of appropriations; secure advances from the county auditor when available; and invest active, inactive or interim funds at the most productive rate of interest.

• authorizing superintendent Ben Winans as program administrator in making decisions to take part in any local, state or federal program deemed advantageous to the district; to attend and represent the district at all professional meetings; to approve staff members’ attendance at professional meetings; to employ temporary or substitute personnel as needed; approve all regular field trips and vocational trips, however out-of-state trips and overnight trips must have board approval; to sign salary notices on behalf of the board; approve all extra-curricular activity budgets; as purchasing agent for the district and to establish $25,000 as the limit without prior board approval; and, when the board is not in session, to make offers of employment directly to candidates for teaching or non-teaching positions.

• authorizing the treasurer and board president to borrow money if needed.

• establishing the board service fund and allocating $3,500 to the fund.

• authorizing the purchase of position bonds for the board president at $50,000 and the treasurer at $100,000; the substitute teacher rate at $90 per day; and membership into the Ohio High School Boards Association for 2020.

• recognizing legal counsel Scott Scriven and Dinsmore and Shohl.

• authorizing the treasurer and superintendent to apply for and receive grants or subgrants and enter into associated contracts.

• designating positions as cashiers for the board, and authorizing the following individuals to make bank deposits: assistant treasurer, superintendent secretary, building secretary, concessions manager, ticket manager, cafeteria staff and building librarian.

• setting petty cash funds as follows: athletic department tickets, $1,700; concessions, $600; and custodian of each petty cash fund shall be the supervisor or advisor in charge.

Following the organizational meeting, the board moved into the regular meeting where discussion was heard about land in Payne across from the elementary school, an update on a possible performing arts center, and Student Wellness and Success state funding.

Steve Wobler, mayor of Payne, was in attendance to discuss the ball fields across from Payne Elementary. The land is currently owned by the district, although the village uses it for T-ball and other summer ball events. Wobler discussed the village taking over the land, to continue to use it for ball fields and a possible park, with the school still having access of use.

Wobler and the board are seeking public input before any decisions are made.

Superintendent Ben Winans shared that plans for a possible performance arts center, that would be built on to the existing cafeteria and music/choir rooms at Wayne Trace Junior/Senior High School, are to the point where they can be finalized through Garmann/Miller Architects. The board has pledged $2 million toward the project, and tasked the Performance Arts Center Committee with soliciting funds for it.

“Once the plans are finalized, I will bring them to the board so that you can decide how you want to move forward,” said Winans.

Winans also shared that he met with administrators, counselors and the district’s school resource officer (SRO) about the use of Student Wellness and Success Funds totaling $258,077.72, received by the district from the state.

“I asked everyone, ‘What are we missing when it comes to wellness services for our students?’” asked Winans. “The answer to that question is services a social worker can provide. So we’ve partnered with Defiance/Paulding Consolidated Job And Family Services, which is providing us a social worker (Brooke Thomas) on a part-time basis. She will provide preventative services, as well as educate students and parents about other available services.”

A grant received by Defiance/Paulding Consolidated Job And Family Services is paying to provide services by Thomas for the rest of 2019-20.

The board did approve the 2020-21 school calendar, in which the first day of school begins Aug. 19, with the last day of school May 26.

In other business, the board:

• offered Candi Brimmer the teacher’s aide position at Grover Hill Elementary, effective Jan. 6.

• commended the following: Wayne Trace Junior High student Brianna Draper for winning the school spelling bee; Grover Hill student Riley Manz for winning the school spelling bee; Payne Elementary student Ryan Parker for winning the school spelling bee; Wayne Trace Junior High student Luke Stouffer for winning the school geography bee; and music teachers Kaleb O’Donnel, Joni Wenninger, Caitlyn Schmidt and Emily Wallace for coordinating the Christmas programs at their respective schools.

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