Ayersville Local Schools will be welcoming one of its senior staff members, Nancy Miller, as the new elementary principal this fall.

Miller will be replacing Laura Inkrott who has accepted a position closer to home, according to Superintendent Beth Hench.

She has been affiliated with Ayersville Local Schools for 25 years where she has taught math and science to mostly seventh grade, but also fifth and sixth.

Miller is from Ayersville and graduated from the school herself. She went on to Bowling Green State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, which gave her qualifications to teach grades one through eight in any subject.

She then went on to obtain her master’s degree in education at Defiance College. Later, in 2007, she returned to DC to get a master’s of leadership in administration and supervision.

Miller expressed always having a passion for teaching and working with students.

”I wouldn’t ever dream of going back and doing something different,” she affirmed. “I’d never trade it and I never thought of going to a different school.”

Throughout her teaching career, Miller focused on trying to make her lessons engaging and fun for children. She was well aware that math and science are subjects that most kids enjoy the least.

However, she has always loved them. When she was in school, she attended programs like engineering camps and even debated on becoming an engineer herself.

”I didn’t want to be stuck in a lab testing things all day though,” she confessed. “I wanted to be in the classroom, doing fun things with the kids.”

Miller’s efforts to keep kids inspired are creating projects and activities incorporated throughout her lessons. For example, students got to create boats out of cardboard and then raced them in the school’s pool. She has even created fish magnets, and had her students go “fishing” over the balcony in an attempt to try and “catch” them.

Miller revealed that when she received her principal’s license in 2007, she wanted to become a middle school principal. But she also loved her classroom and teaching grades five through eight, so she never pursued an administrative position until now.

Her desire for administration came about after teaching professional development courses to other staff members. She enjoyed helping the teachers as well as students and creating a community of mutual learning and respect, making it a better place to be.

For Miller, the most important goals she’d like to focus on as principal is open communication with her staff and creating a fun learning environment.

She does not want the school to be a rigorous place that children do not enjoy being at. Instead, she wants to strive for it be like her lessons — engaging and inspiring a wonderment for knowledge.

Miller understands that with this new position she is taking up, there will be a learning curve. For her first year, she wants to get a feel for what needs working on as well as to be available to the students, teachers, parents and community.

She hopes to eventually build more on social emotional learning (SEL) and install behavior incentives for children, something that used to be done at the school in the past.

”I’d just like to thank the administration, the board and the community for all of their confidence in me to do the right job,” she said in expressing her gratitude and excitement for the coming fall.

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