Previously honored as a College of Distinction for its high-impact approach to higher education, Defiance College has once again received specialized recognition in its business, education and nursing programs.

These accolades were borne out of a need for college curricula that are comprehensive not only in course material, but also in practical — and soft-skills development — something more employers are realizing they want. DC met these desires with liberal arts education, program-specific training, and abundant opportunities for real-world application.

Colleges of Distinction advocates for schools whose undergraduate experiences are grounded in a philosophy of well-rounded, individualized engagement. DC continues to excel at having students graduate and enter the workforce with well-developed critical thinking skills as well as the ability to adapt in an ever-changing society.

At DC there is a 96.8% job placement rating.

“We complete a thorough review of the programs before granting the honors,” said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer for Colleges of Distinction. “We’re looking for qualities such as accreditation, breadth of program, advising and mentoring.”

, integration of career services, and successful outcomes for students. It’s wonderful to see how Defiance really exemplifies these qualities.”

• Business: Globalization and the intricacies of modern business operations require effective communication and apt problem-solving strategies. DC’s accredited business program keeps future leaders adaptable as they grow alongside their industry. Concentrations are available in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management or marketing.

• Education: DC is proud to graduate future educators who are not only knowledgeable, but also efficient mentors who provide empathetic support and novel teaching methods. DC’s education programs include teacher licensure in early childhood education, middle childhood education, adolescent to young adult education, and intervention specialist (mild to moderate), as well as endorsement programs in early childhood or middle childhood education. Dual licensure programs are available in early childhood education/intervention specialist or middle childhood/intervention specialist.

• Nursing: The accredited nursing program at DC has enabled its students to take calculated action even in high-pressure situations. These students are challenged to remain curious and compassionate throughout their rigorous practice. The nursing program can be completed as a four-year 1+2+1 program or as a standalone completion program for nurses with an active RN licensure.

DC also offers online degrees for a master of business administration, master of arts in education, or RN-to-BSN. For more information about graduate programs, go to at

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