SHERWOOD — A group of 30 or more Central Local School District members were in attendance at the Central Local Board of Education meeting Monday evening to show support for a district administrator, and the board heard discussion on the COVID-19 vaccine for staff members.

In addition, the board approved seeking bids for exterior projects, and approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Teachers’ Association of Central Local Schools, (see additional story, page A2).

Community member Don Hange, who has been involved with the Central Local School District since 1972, read a statement on behalf of the crowd in attendance. In the statement, Hange praised Fairview Elementary School principal Sherrie Brown for her hard work, for the time she puts in and for being a role model for her students.

He finished by asking Brown if she knew sign language, before signing, “I love you.”

Following the meeting, Hange explained that Brown has been “under a lot of stress,” and that he and the group in attendance wanted her to know how much they care for her and how much they respect the job she’s doing.

“We know Mrs. Brown has worked really hard for this district, and we want her to know that she is appreciated by so many people,” said Hange. “Mrs. Brown has been under a lot of stress, and we just want her to know there are a lot of people behind her, and we are here to help her through it.”

Superintendent Steve Arnold shared that staff members who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine can do so on Feb. 26-27 at ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital. The superintendent explained he’s been working with the principals, teachers and staff on what to do on Feb. 26 (a Friday).

Although a decision hasn’t been made at present, Arnold is leaning toward not having students in the building on that date.

If staff are able to get vaccinated on those dates, he will then look at what needs to happen for staff who will need the second dose of the vaccine, more than likely four weeks from the first dose.

“This is all tentative, but I want to report that our employees are currently scheduled to receive the vaccine, if they choose to do so, it’s optional, Feb. 26-27,” said Arnold. “We are trying to decide our best course of action for Feb. 26 a Friday, and with so many employees most likely not here, it could mean no school for students.

“I want everyone to be prepared for that, which is why I asked the board to give me authorization on how to handle that date,” continued Arnold. “Again, there is a possibility we won’t have school on Feb. 26.”

Board member David Karlstadt asked Arnold if it was possible for the vaccine to be distributed at the school, however, Arnold explained that because a small percentage of people who get vaccinated have a reaction to it, having it administered at a hospital make the most sense.

The board approved his request.

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