PAULDING — The Paulding Exempted Village Board of Education discussed blended learning, was asked from parents in the community about FFA procedures, and learned about an upcoming visit to the school from Ohio 1st District Sen. Rob McColley during its regular meeting Tuesday.

The board approved a pair of resolutions concerning blended learning, in which students have the ability to earn credits by demonstrating proficiency of knowledge or skills through competency-based learning models, rather than a minimum number of days or hours in a classroom or on a digital learning device. The policy is being put in place in case the district must go to some form of blended (in school and distance) learning.

The first resolution approved was to establish the blended learning board policy, with the second approved to adopt a blended learning model.

“If something happens in the future (due to COVID-19), we will be better prepared by implementing this,” said superintendent Ken Amstutz. “The first resolution is the policy, which is required for us to have in place, before we can approve the blended learning model, which is the second resolution, and needed by the state.”

Staci and Sam Rue addressed the board, asking why students from Paulding who attend Vantage Career Center can’t be part of the FFA program. Staci shared that other districts that send students to Vantage provide FFA as part of an independent study. The couple had one daughter who was unable to be in FFA when she went to Vantage, and they have another daughter who may attend Vantage, but wants to continue with FFA.

After listening to the couple, Amstutz and several board members said they would look into it to see what can be done, and get back to them with an answer.

In his report, Amstutz shared that McColley will meet with the Paulding Exempted Village Schools (PEVS) District Leadership Team (DLT), members of the board and others on Friday to discuss restarting school, funding for schools, issues to fill the gap and accountability measures being adjusted, as well as to answer other local school questions.

“Sen. McColley was a former student of (assistant to the superintendent) Todd Harmon at Napoleon, and Todd invited the senator to come and he will be here Friday,” said Amstutz. “You (the members of the board) are invited to attend, and Rob is open to listening and talking to everyone. This is a great opportunity.”

Amstutz also gave a brief update on the press box and softball field projects, telling the board: “The masonry work (on the press box project) will be done this week, then the actual carpentry work will take place, although we are waiting on the plumbing inspection. It’s on schedule and looking good.

“The work on the new softball field, in talking with Mel Lanzer Construction (of Napoleon), will start here in the next couple of weeks, so that’s exciting as well,” added Amstutz.

In other business, the board:

• okayed a one-year administrative contract for Pat Ross, program coordinator, for maximum of 70 contract days, effective for 2020-21.

• approved a one-year contract for Holly Tropp, Paulding Elementary intervention specialist, effective for 2020-21.

• accepted the resignation of Kynsie Edwards, Paulding Elementary paraprofessional, effective at the end of the current contract year.

• rescinded the one-year extra-curricular contracts of Tyler Arend, weight room 50%; Logan Stoller, weight room, 50%; and Angela Bellman, middle school student council advisor, effective with the start of 2020-21.

• voted for the following one-year extra-curricular supplemental contracts for 2020-21: Brittany Daeger, junior varsity volleyball coach; Brooklyn Miller, freshman volleyball coach; Emily Taylor, eighth-grade volleyball coach; Kelly Pracht, seventh-grade volleyball coach; Sydney Collins, fifth/sixth-grade volleyball coach; Brian Jacobs, volleyball volunteer assistant; Jessica Schultz, eighth-grade cheer advisor; Corbin Vance, junior high football assistant; Angels Bellman, middle school student council advisor (50%); and Sarah Steward, middle school student council advisor (50%).

• approved the return of advance of $145,000 from the food services fund to the general fund.

• okayed the service contract with Western Buckeye Educational Service Center for 2020-21 at a cost of $245,026.

• voted to revise the 2020-21 school calendar to move the April 1 professional development day to Aug. 11. The Aug. 11 date will be used for teachers to become proficient in Google Classroom, the only platform that will be used for distance learning if needed.

• approved the following cafeteria prices for 2020-21: Lunch — elementary, $2.65; middle school, $2.90; high school, $3.10; salad, $3.40; adult salad, $3.90; adult lunch, $3.90. Breakfast — elementary, free; middle/high school, $1.70. Milk — student extra, 45 cents; adult extra, 50 cents.

• okayed the nutritional guidelines set forth by the USDA for 2020-21.

• voted for the following students fees: K-2, $60; 3-6, $55; Paulding 6-8, $45. High school fees are based on classes taken by students.

• approved Paulding County Hospital and Antwerp Regional Medical Office as the facilities for bus driver physicals.

• okayed Kirslynn Camposano as a graduate of the Paulding High School class of 2020, after meeting the requirements to graduate.

• voted for Jenna Hankinson to represent the board on the Village of Paulding Recreation Board.

• approved sending 10-12 students, staff members and chaperones to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Oct. 27-31, at a cost of approximately $500 per student, paid for by FFA alumni, students and fundraisers.

• okayed sending 20-30 students, staff members and chaperones to the State FFA Convention in Columbus, April 28-30, 2021, at a cost of approximately $200 per student, paid for by FFA alumni, students and fundraisers.

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