CONTINENTAL — Village council here met Tuesday evening to discuss refurbishing and repairs to a pair of municipal water wells.

Well seven is the newer of the two wells that serves the village and is due for refurbishing. This includes replacing the pitless adapter, a part used to keep water from freezing.

The two options for refurbishing well seven that the council considered were either spending around $4,000 to have well seven maintenanced and assessed on whether the pitless adapter needs replacement.

If the assessment found that the pitless adapter has gone bad, or it goes bad within the eight-year maintenance window, the village will then have to wait for the part to come in which could be more then five weeks. In which time well seven would be off line and the village would only run off of well six.

The second option that the council considered was to spend around $20,000 for a new pitless adapter ahead of the well refurbishing and have the new part installed then.

The decision was made by the council to go ahead and order a new pitless adapter and have it installed as part of well seven's refurbishing. The decision is a greater upfront cost to the village, however, the alternative discussed would put the village down to one well with the added potential to put undo strain on well six that was recently refurbished and is the older of the two wells.

Adding to the council's concern about waiting instead of ordering the pitless adapter in advance was the fact that the new water tower (that both well six and seven supply) holds 50,000 more gallons of water then the old water tower (recently taken down) and would put even more stress on well six if it were to be the only well in operation. To avoid any potential issues the council approved ordering the new pitless adapter for well seven to be installed as part of the refurbishment.

The council voted to move $50,000 from the general to the water fund to pay for this maintenance as the water fund is billed quarterly and has not yet taken in enough money as this is still the first quarter of the year.

The village has already refurbished well six which included a new pitless adapter and has since then had a small issue that was fixed without cost by the installers on Tuesday.

In other business, council:

• approved reapplying through the Putnam County commissioners for a community development block grant (CDBG) critical infrastructure grant which could potentially fund storm sewers, resurfacing and curbing projects in the Lakeland Drive area. The application can be submitted once a calendar year and is a competitive program. If approved the village would need to bring $10,000 to the table, according to Mayor Matt Miller, with a critical infrastructure grant supplying $500,000. The motion to reapply was approved with Councilman Mike Varner abstaining from the vote.

• approved American Legion Post 541's application for building a smokers patio following the zoning board's approval of the same. Council also approved two other building permits, one for new windows and landscaping, the other for a privacy fence.

• approved the renewal of the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) to help collect delinquent taxes, including using the subpoena program.

• discussed the possibility of adding new language or updating the village's ordinances on junk cars as well as its exotic and farm animals. Nothing was decided and the council will take the next two weeks to look into the matter.

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