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A Ney area man has been arraigned in Defiance County Common Pleas Court on an eight-count indictment related to the alleged murder of his grandfather.

Dustin Vogelsong, 34, 05704 Behnfeldt Road, pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder, an unclassified felony; attempted murder, a first-degree felony; two counts of felonious assault, each a first-degree felony; two counts of kidnapping, each a second-degree felony; aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony; and cruelty to companion animals, a fifth-degree felony.

Judge Joseph Schmenk granted defense attorney Christopher Zografides’ motion requesting that his client undergo a psychological evaluation to determine his competency to stand trial and his criminal responsibility. The case was continued to the call of the court.

In the meantime, Vogelsong is being held in the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

He is charged with a variety of offenses stemming from an incident and assault on March 1 at the defendant’s home at Behnfeldt Road, west of Ney.

The aggravated murder charge alleges that he caused the death of his grandfather, Larry Vogelsong, 74, Bryan, by striking him repeatedly with his fists. The assault occurred outside the home.

He also allegedly struck and injured his live-in girlfriend (Lindsey Beek), which prompted the aggravated murder charge and two felonious assault counts. According to Defiance County Prosecutor Morris Murray, Vogelsong caused physical harm to her, while the second count alleges the use of a snow shovel in the assault.

Two kidnapping charges allege that he left the scene in a vehicle with his two daughters — ages 7 and 3 — later dropping them off at a residence near Hillsdale, Mich. The girls were unharmed and returned to their family, after being left at the residence near Hillsdale, Mich.

Kidnapping charges were returned because Vogelsong removed the children while fleeing from a crime, according to Murray.

The aggravated robbery charge alleges that Vogelsong took his grandfather’s car while fleeing the scene.

The last charge (cruelty to companion animals) alleges that Vogelsong killed a pet cat in the home with a hammer in the home — in front of one of the children.

If convicted of aggravated murder, Vogelsong could be sentenced to life in prison without parole, according to Murray.

Vogelsong was arrested by an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper in northwest Williams County, just hours after the incident, and after he had dropped the girls off at the aforementioned Michigan residence.

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