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Paulding Municipal Court

Bound over: Matthew Wiswell, Paulding, possession of drugs, resisting arrest, criminal damaging, assault; Destiney Gerken, Antwerp, two counts of theft; Aaron Griffiths, Paulding, theft; Alexis Overly, Paulding, theft, burglary; Zachery Ross, Grover Hill, gross sexual imposition, two counts of rape.

Sentenced: Peggy Bates, Grover Hill, persistent disorderly conduct, $100 fine, have no unlawful contact with victim; Robert Bowsher, Antwerp, theft, $100 fine, two days jail, have no contact with victim; Qurtis Williams, Indianapolis, possession of marijuana, $100 fine, all contraband shall be forfeited and destroyed or put to lawful use; Kasedy Delarber, Oakwood, disorderly conduct, $100 fine; Kenneth Herber, Antwerp, assured clear distance, $70 fine; Ashley Brag, Antwerp, driving under suspension, $250 fine, 90 days jail, 40 hours of community service; Michael Landini, Indianapolis, possession of marijuana, $100 fine, all contraband forfeited and destroyed or put to lawful use; Jessica Cartwright, Indianapolis, OVI, $375 fine, three days jail; Justin Cupp, Oakwood, telecommunications harassment, $200 fine, four days jail, evaluation at Westwood and follow all counseling and treatment, have no contact with victim, have mental health evaluation and risk assessment; Tori Thatcher, Van Wert, distracted driving, took course.

Brandi Owens, Payne, driving under suspension, $400 fine, three days jail, obtain valid operator's license, standard probation; stop sign, dismissed.

Donald Vibbert, Convoy, stop sign, $100 fine; reckless operation, $250 fine, three days jail.

Avery Coplin, Paulding, OVI, $375 fine, 10 days jail, standard probation; OVI, $375 fine, 10 days jail, evaluation at Westwood, complete Thinking for a Change, community control; left of center, dismissed.

Kyler Niekamp, St. Henry, marked lanes, $100 fine; distracted driving, dismissed.

Geraldo Cruz, Ney, failure to control, $125 fine; reckless operation, $375 fine, three days jail.

Neftali Villalobos Guerrero, Grover Hill, OVI, $375 fine, three days in jail; failure to control, dismissed.

Mark Castillo, Oakwood, safety belt, $30 fine; driving under suspension, dismissed.

Luis Arimant, Paulding, no operator's license, $200 fine; stop sign, $55 fine.

Dismissed: Estil Hatfield, Oakwood, stop sign; Cassandra Greene, Paulding, disorderly conduct; Ramiro Bahena Rodriguez, Payne, assault; William Vance, Paulding, unauthorized use; Jessica Cartwright, Indianapolis, drug paraphernalia, possession of drugs; Tyler Hines, Celina, criminal damages.

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