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Paulding County Court

Sentenced: Logan Slone, Oakwood, suspension, $150 fine; Lamarr Brown Jr., Detroit, following too closely, $55 fine; Brittany Brown, Fort Wayne, suspension, $200 fine; Jerel Tousley, Oakwood, nonsupport of dependents, $250 fine, 20 hours of community service, standard probation; Joshua Hibbard, Paulding, disorderly conduct, $150 fine; Hector Gomez Ibarra, Paulding, failure to control, $70 fine; Jimmie Keeler, Cecil, registration violation, $70 fine; Michelle Muniz, cecil, failure to confine dog, $25 fine; Maurice Wannemacher, Payne, disorderly conduct, $150 fine.

April Phillips, Paulding, suspension, $200 fine; stop sign, $55 fine.

Roy Branham, Dupont, four counts of zoning violation, $25 fine each.

William Hale, Cloverdale, four counts of zoning violation, $150 fine each.

Ashtin Monroe, Fort Wayne, drug paraphernalia, $100 fine, all contraband to be forfeited; possession of drugs, dismissed.

Joshua Lipps, Paulding, criminal damaging, $100 fine, two days in jail, standard probation, 25 hours of community service; criminal trespassing, dismissed.

Ashtin Monroe, Fort Wayne, OVI, $375 fine, 3 days jail; stop sign, dismissed.

Charles Gonzales, Dearborn, Mich., OVI, $525 fine, 10 days jail, operator's license suspended for one year; marked lanes, dismissed.

Michael Frazier II, Ottoville, reckless operation, $250 fine, 10 days jail, 20 hours of community service; turn signal violation, dismissed.

Shane Lee, Payne, reckless operation, $250 fine; failure to control, dismissed.

Racin Cramer, La Fontaine, Ind., OVI, $375 fine, three days in jail; marked lanes, safety belt, dismissed.

Gabriel A. Sanchez, Paulding, OVI, $375 fine, 10 days in jail with jail time running concurrent to common pleas case; OVI, safety belt, loud exhaust, dismissed.

Gabriel Sanchez, Defiance, drug paraphernalia, $105 in costs, all contraband forfeited; drug possession, $105 in costs; unauthorized use, dismissed.

Dismissed: Melody Gibson, Delphos, possession of marijuana.

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