Napoleon Municipal Court

Dismissed: Justin Schwable, 31, Napoleon, aggravated menacing (a fifth-degree felony); Linda Gerdeman, 54, Napoleon, nuisance violation; Nancy Giesige, 41, Archbold, income tax violation; Cody Bridenstine, 26, Toledo, income tax violation; Aaron Clark, 23, East Liverpool, income tax violation; Joseph Click Jr., 46, Napoleon, income tax violation; Sally Burks-Schrieber, 45, Napoleon, income tax violation; Oliver Beck, 48, Napoleon, income tax violation; Melinda Altman, 48, Napoleon, income tax violation.

Josh Blair, 31, Napoleon, income tax violation; David Dangler, 36, Napoleon, income tax violation; Rosendo Donovan, 41, Napoleon, income tax violation; Todd Cooper, 49, Napoleon, income tax violation; Justin Cox, 26, Napoleon, income tax violation; William Roth, 57, McClure, failure to reinstate, no insurance; Jason Hall, 32, Toledo, income tax violation; Edith Finn, 48, Napoleon, income tax violation; James Marcum, 32, Napoleon, assault; Johnny Edwards, 26, Toledo, income tax violation; Lyndsey Kregulka, 28, Liberty Center, possession of drugs.

Sentenced: Bradley Sowers, 24, Napoleon, nuisance violation, $25 fine; Juan Torres, 21, Deshler, temporary permit violation, $50 fine; Dante Medley, 40, Napoleon, criminal damaging, $150 fine and restitution as ordered; Mario Hernandez Jr., 59, Napoleon, failure to control, $50 fine.

Bobby Hunt, 36, Toledo, driving under suspension, $150 fine; Shanda Babcock, 29, Napoleon, income tax violation, $150 fine, must file and pay 2017 taxes; Dustin Altman, 31, Napoleon, income tax violation, $150 fine, must file and pay 2017 taxes; Linda Aguilar, 37, Napoleon, income tax violation, $150 fine, must file and pay 2017 taxes; Eugene Craig, 36, Napoleon, income tax violation, $50 fine, must file and pay 2017 taxes; David Garcia Jr., 37, Perrysburg, disorderly conduct, $150 fine.

Beverly Piatt, 40, Napoleon, domestic violence, $250 fine, continue treatment at A Renewed Mind; Tyler Goshe, 25, Napoleon, theft, $250 fine, $62.98 restitution; Jarred Thorn, 25, Fort Wayne, assault, $250 fine, credit for four days jail served, no contact with victim; Brant Ward, 28, Napoleon, two counts of abusing a harmful substance, $100 fine for each, credit for 18 days jail served; Montize Carter, 22, Liberty Center, possessing drug paraphernalia, $150 fine.

James Mazur, 66, Napoleon, OVI, $500 fine, 20 days jail; lane of travel, dismissed.

Brandon Shultz, 30, Napoleon, OVI, $850 fine, 60 days jail, four-year license suspension, must complete alcohol addiction program; criminal damaging, driving under suspension, failure to control, dismissed.

Medel Rodriguez-Moreno, 26, Fayette, assault, $250 fine, 45 days jail; resisting arrest, aggravated menacing, assault, dismissed.

Cindy Miller, 35, Napoleon, OVI, $500 fine, three-day program in lieu of jail, one-year license suspension; slow speed, no fine.

Dennis Stalnaker, 58, Elida, OVI, $800 fine, 20 days jail, one-year license suspension; no headlights, dismissed.

Amanda Trinh, 33, no permanent address, assault, $250 fine; violating a temporary protection order, $250 fine, credit for eight days jail served; assault, criminal trespassing, dismissed.

Phillip Murray, 27, McClure, no insurance, $150 fine; speed, $25 fine.

Erik Johnson, 38, Napoleon, nuisance violation, $50 fine; driving without a license, $150 fine; assured clear distance, $50 fine; no safety belt, $30 fine.

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