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BRYAN — A Florida man was arrested Monday in Bryan and charged in federal court with attempting to hire someone to murder a social worker.

David Culver, 35, Fountain, Fla., was charged with one count of use of interstate facilities for murder for hire.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, on May 16, the Bryan Police Department received information from an individual identified in court documents as C1 that Culver wanted to have a social worker murdered.

Culver previously was convicted of endangering children and is classified as a sex offender.

C1 stated Culver has family in Bryan, and told authorities the targeted social worker was involved in an investigation that resulted in the removal of Culver from his children.

Culver texted C1 on May 15: “I did move to Florida, I came back up here an (ran) into some [expletive]. But do u still have any contacts with some bad people? I need a huge favor.” C1 responded, “Like?” and “I can get them.” Culver’s telephone replied, “I need to get rid of some ASAP.” C1 asked, “Rid as in how?” Culver’s telephone responded, “None breathing.” C1 asked, “What happen.” Culver’s telephone replied, “I’ll call u here in a little while and we can talk then over the phone.”

According to authorities, Culver agreed to pay $1,000 to have the social worker murdered. Culver sent a screenshot with the name of a CPS investigator assigned to the case involving him.

On May 18, an undercover Bryan police officer posing as a hitman met with Culver at the McDonalds restaurant in Bryan. Culver confirmed he had money and referenced the targeted woman as the person responsible for taking his kids.

When asked what kind of proof Culver was looking for to confirm the job was completed, Culver referenced wanting a photo and said he wanted her to disappear, according to the affidavit.

Culver provided the undercover officer $200 as down payment for the hit and was taken into custody.

He appeared initially in U.S. District Court in Toledo on Monday, and was granted a public defender. A preliminary hearing is set for June 6 at 2 p.m.

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