Defiance Municipal Court

Chase Bussing, 28, 1964 Riverview Drive, appeared on an escape charge, a fifth-degree felony. Bussing waived the right to a preliminary  hearing and the case was bound over to Defiance Common Pleas Court.

Pre-trial hearings: Chelsie Carter, 23, Pioneer, violation of a temporary protection order; Connor Walburn, 23, New Haven, Ind., OVI-2, continuous line/lanes, drug abuse of less than 100 grams; Todd Davis, 47, Liberty Center, driving under suspension; Donald Dougal, 46, 938 Harrison Ave., driving under suspension; Rusty Runnells, 27, 05063 Mulligans Bluff, reckless operation, speeding; Larry Frye, 39, 1020 Harrison Ave., interference with custody, obstructing justice; Gavin Hoover, 19, Holmesville, underage consumption; Evan Hostetler, 19, Wooster, underage consumption; Ryan McCullough, 33, 13536 Fullmer Road, domestic violence; Chase Bussing, 28, 1964 Riverview Drive, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension; Levi Pauli, 29, 324 Perry St., improper starting/backing.

Forfeiting bonds: Christopher Cook, 33, 500 N. Clinton St., failure to confine a dog, $175; Michael Royal, 55, 305 Rulf St., failure to apply for a dog license, $125, failure to confine a dog, $55.

Sentenced: Suzanne Villarreal, 30, Sherwood, persistent disorderly conduct, $250 fine, 30-days jail suspended; Jewell Issac, 20, 133 Wabash Ave., underage consumption, 90-days jail suspended; Rebecca Sobiech, 19, North Royalton, underage consumption; Donald Dougal, 46, 938 Harrison Ave., drug abuse of less than 100 grams, $150 fine; Jessica Bostic, 29, 700 Ralston Ave., driving under suspension, $100 fine; Kirby Motter, 23, 1729 Delaware Court, criminal trespassing, $100 fine, 10-days jail suspended; Alysa Simpson, 24, 166 Cleveland Ave., failure to yield the right of way, $75 fine; Nicholas Sisco, 33, 611 1/2 Washington Ave., driving under suspension, $250 fine, 3 days jail; Jessica McGuire, 38, Grover Hill, possession of marijuana, $150 fine; Kelly Layne, 50, 625 Dakota Place, failure to apply for a dog license, $25 fine.

Quinn Kalessis, 18, 1855 E. Second St., no motorcycle endorsement, $100 fine; expired plates, no fine.

Cecil Spangler, 30, Fort Wayne, no operator's license, $100 fine; no seat belt, $30 fine.

Kimberty Rodriguez, 59, 700 Ralston Ave., OVI, $375 fine, 3 days jail (driver intervention program), one-year license suspension; continuous line/lanes, dismissed.

Weston Stevens, 37, 220 Ruth Ann Drive, obstructing official business, $100 fine, 90-days jail suspended; resisting arrest, dismissed; reckless operation-2, $250 fine, 1 day jail; failure to control, dismissed.

Ryan Clark, 31, Delta, theft, $100 fine, 2 days jail; possession of criminal tools, 180-days jail suspended; obstructing business, dismissed; disorderly conduct while intoxicated, dismissed.

Justin Salaz, 34, 326 Rulf St., drug paraphernalia, dismissed; possession of drugs, $150 fine; OVI, $375 fine, 3 days jail, one-year license suspension; no operator's license, dismissed.

Tamara Bland, 41, 7640 Ohio 15, driving under suspension, $100 fine; failure to control, $25 fine.

Brandon Rettig, 21, Toledo, driving under suspension, $100 fine; possession of marijuana paraphernalia, $150 fine.

Lawrence Witter, 54, 20534 County Road 10, OVI-2, $750 fine, 10 days jail, one-year license suspension; driving under suspension, $100 fine; turn signal violation, no fine; no tail lights, no fine; drug paraphernalia, $150 fine; possession of marijuana, $150 fine.

Tiffany Blankenship, 37, 700 Ralston Ave., theft, 30 days jail; criminal trespassing, dismissed.

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