Defiance Municipal Court

Christopher Forrey, 32, 717 Pierce St., appeared on a felonious assault charge, a second-degree felony. Forrey waived the right to a preliminary heading and the case was bound over to common pleas court. Bond of $50,000 with a 10% cash allowance was set to continue.

Cases set for pre-trial hearings: Joshua Grubb, 31, Cecil, theft; John Sindel, 63, 25046 Watson Road, wrongful entrustment; Sean Ryan, 32, 1746 Greenhouse Ave., OVI-2, hit-and-skip; Lisa Tolles, 51, Oakwood, OVI, turn signal violation; Blaine Warnimont, 24, Cloverdale, OVI-2, driving under suspension; Steven Weisgerber, 64, 360 Rosewood Ave., unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, criminal trespassing; Mindy Carpenter, 46, Bryan, theft; Kurt Yeasley Jr., 28, 205 Carter Ave., aggravated menacing, illegal restraint; Jeremy George I, 36, Hicksville, ATV violation; Timothy Shindler, 56, 087-1 Christy Road, two counts driving under suspension; Alexander Welly, 35, Hicksville, OVI-1, open container; Marie Budd, 50, Oakwood, driving under suspension; Alex Jones, 22, 212 Catalina Drive, reckless operation, speed; Brandt Balser, 19, Hicksville, under age consumption; Mason Commisso, 20, Hicksville, underage consumption; Jonah Gipple, 19, Hicksville, underage consumption; Parker Thiel, 21, Hicksville, underage consumption; Travian Tunis, 19, Hicksville, underage consumption; Jacqueline McMillen, 55, 329 Aspen Terrace, driving under suspension, red light; Austin Phillips, 39, 14029 Karnes Road, domestic violence; Nikolai Meier, 33, Toledo, fictitious plates; Benjamin Silva, 46, 1128 Latty St., driving under suspension, no seat belt; Aaron Powell, 38, 2193 Hawthorne Drive, failure to confine a dog, driving under suspension; Colby Boundy, 19, Hicksville, underage consumption; Alex Repass, 23, Napoleon, driving under suspension, tail light illuminated; Melvin McCoy, 38, Edgerton, domestic violence; Matthew Rednour, 43, Napoleon, theft; Amanda Recollet, 40, 403 Seneca St., driving under suspension; Whitney Walters, 20, 702 Pierce St., seven counts driving under suspension, failure to yield, expired plates, no seat belt, no seat belt, failure to register, turn signal violation; Glenn Ward, 31, 926 Asa St., squealing tires; James Kent II, 49, 1724 Alpha Lane, OVI-3, continuous line/lanes, drug paraphernalia; Cara Phillips, 33, 806 Harrison Ave., criminal damaging, vehicle trespassing;

Codie Shirk, 31, 16413 County Road 14, possession of marijuana, dismissed; OVI-3, $525 fine, 10-days jail, 1-year license suspension; driving under suspension, dismissed; failure to control, dismissed; no seat belt, dismissed; driving under suspension, $250 fine, 3-days jail; reckless operation, $100 fine.

Nicholas Zimmerman, 38, 27915 Defiance-Paulding County Line Road, OVI-1, $350 fine, 3-days jail (driver's intervention prgram), 1-year license suspension; turning at an intersection, dismissed; red light violation, dismissed.

Forfeiting bonds: Troy Klinger, 39, 588 St. Paul St., disorderly conduct ($159); Matthew Hammon, 45, Napoleon, possession of drugs ($259); Justin Pettijohn, 37, Paulding, disorderly conduct ($159); Rafael Moreno, 19, 631 Moss St., no fishing license ($150); Peyton Shirk, 19, 2029 Mistywood Court, no fishing license ($150); Robert Mielke, 45, 839 Karnes Ave., failure to confine a dog ($125)

Sentenced: Joseph Steel, 37, 773 Village Lane, disorderly conduct, dismissed; Kenneth Horg, 71, Lima, sexual imposition, $250 fine, 5-days jail, no contact with victim for 2 years; Cynthia Garza, 63, Ney, theft, $100 fine, 2-days jail; Paige Douglas, 19, Bryan, assault, $100 fine, 2-days jail; Richard Chandley, 30, Bryan, domestic violence, $100 fine, 1-day jail; Michael Joynes, 38, 785 Village Lane, domestic violence, $100 fine, 1-day jail;Nathaniel Long, 40, 1833 E. Second St., disorderly conduct, $50 fine suspended; Desiree Silveous, 25, 923 Asa St., aggravated menacing, $100 fine, 2-days jail; Jeffrey Heath III, 26, Monclova, driving under suspension, $100 fine; David Meuleman, 43, 1715 E. Second St., passing a school bus, $100 fine; Nancy Meyer, 85, 221 Huron Drive, assured cleared distance, $25 fine; Jaden Pask, 21, Hicksville, disorderly conduct, $100 fine; Kirsten Rinebolt, 23, Hicksville, assault, $100 fine, 1-day jail; Christopher Stevenson, 22, Hicksville, disorderly conduct, $50 fine; Daniel Payne Jr., 25, 7640 Ohio 15, driving under suspension, $100 fine; Jennifer Short, 38, Wauseon, theft, $100 fine, 90-days jail suspended;

Leah Garcia, 44, 674 S. Clinton St., driving under suspension, $100 fine; failure to yield, $25 fine, driving under suspension, $100 fine.

Richard Franklin, 63, 1051 Ralston Ave., criminal damaging, dismissed; dispensing of litter, $250 fine suspended, 60-days jail suspended; criminal trespassing, dismissed; disorderly conduct, dismissed; telecommunication harassment, $500 fine suspended, 11-days jail; disorderly conduct, dismissed; disorderly conduct while intoxicated, dismissed; without regard for personal property, dismissed; three counts no operator's license, dismissed; 12-point suspension, dismissed.

Phillip Copeland, 55, Toledo, driving under suspension, $100 fine; stop sign violation, $25 fine.

Heather Hersey, 40, 400 Greenler St., OVI-1, $350 fine, 3-days jail (driver's intervention program), 1-year license suspension; no operator's license, $100 fine.

Camile Cox, 21, Malinta, driving under suspension, $250 fine, 3-days jail; failure to control, no fine.

Kesia Jones, 31, Paulding, driving under suspension, $100 fine; failure to control, $25 fine

Celest Cluckey, 26, 1777 S. Clinton St., driving under suspension, $100 fine; fictitious plates, no fine.

Robert Van Scoder, 43, 829 Kentner St., OVI-3, $850 fine, 30-days jail, 2-year license suspension; lanes of travel, dismissed.

Damien Bremmer, 27, Toledo, aggravated menacing, $100 fine, 180-days jail suspended; possession of drug instruments, $100 fine, 10-days jail; resisting arrest, dismissed; disorderly conduct, dismissed.

Robert Fenter Jr., 51, 6909 Ohio 66 North, menacing, $100 fine, 30-days jail suspended; disorderly conduct, dismissed.

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