Defiance Municipal Court

Gabriel Valle, 43, 10705 Haller Road, waived a preliminary hearing and was bound over to Defiance County Common Pleas Court on charges of attempting to commit an offense, a third-degree felony; possession of criminal tools, a fifth-degree felony; and disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. His bond was continued.

Daniel Mohr, 45, Oakwood, waived a preliminary hearing and was bound over to Defiance County Common Pleas Court on charges of domestic violence, a fourth-degree felony; and disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. His bond was continued.

Colin Nester, 40, Edon, was charged with domestic violence, a fourth-degree; his case was continued to today.

Antonio Lacsamana, 73, Roanoke, Va., was charged with no operator's license; his case was continued to Sept. 11.

Terry Hood, 30, Cambridge, was charged with driving under suspension, violation of marked lanes, and texting and driving, all misdemeanors. His case was continued to Sept. 11.

Set for pre-trial hearing: Salomon Villagomez IV, 18, 2081 Royal Oak Drive, violation of protection order; Richard Phillips, 26, Zanesville, Ind., incitement to violence; Tina Calvin, 54, Sherwood, OVI (second violation), driving under suspension/OVI, drug paraphernalia/marijuana; Jeffrey Gee, 34, 809 Deatrick St., driving under suspension; Brandon Mosier, 24, Bryan, OVI (second violation), parking on road; John Schuller, 38, 24143 County Road A, driving under suspension; Nolan Decker, 29, Ney, persistent disorderly conduct; Cynthia Moulder, 56, Payne, drug paraphernalia/marijuana; William Reed, 47, Mark Center, driving under suspension; Nathaniel Bludson, 62, 1786 Sherwood Drive, OVI (third violation), driving under suspension; Michael Hernandez, 57, 1483 S. Jackson Ave., disorderly conduct while intoxicated, disorderly conduct/public intoxication, open container; Mackenzie Rogers-Stemen, 30, 422 Franklin St., marijuana/drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana; Maury Sims, 69, Ney, two counts of failure to confine a dog; Joshua Wachtman, 41, 403 Seneca St., speed.

Forfeiting bonds: Robert Barraco, 60, Sherwood, disorderly conduct, $159; Donovan Fritz, 29, Swanton, disorderly conduct. $159; Dustin Kunkel, 22, Alvordton, disorderly conduct, $159; Devon Shidler, 72, Hicksville, disorderly conduct, $159.

Sentenced: Jeffrey Madia, 22, Napoleon, domestic violence, $100 fine, two days jail; Luciano Zepeda, 26, 1939 E. Second St., theft, $50 fine; Jade Bradley Reinhart, 21, St. Joe, Ind., driving under suspension, $100 fine; Warren Hulbert, 63, Montpelier, driving under suspension, $250 fine; Brandy Vargo, 33, Paulding, driving under suspension, $100 fine; Katie Morrow, 33, Holgate, disorderly conduct, $50 fine; Ryan Tressler, 38, 13330 Oris Ave., disorderly conduct, $50 fine; Laramie Davis, 33, 422 Franklin St., driving under suspension, $100 fine; Jeffrey Brinck Jr., 22, 534 Degler St., driving under suspension, $100 fine; Audrey Davis, 40, 459 Pontiac Drive, driving under suspension, $100 fine; Isaac Valle, 25, 52 Squires St., driving under suspension, $100 fine; Susan Thompson, 34, 1023 Ottawa Ave., drug abuse, $150 fine, contraband destroyed; Tiffani Roberts, 28, 627 1/2 Jackson Ave., falsification, $100 fine, two days jail; Deborah Brinck, 50, 20495 Hammersmith Road, three counts of failure to apply for dog license, $25 fine for each count; Ricky Greear, 52, 211 Lancelot Drive, domestic violence, 10 days jail.

Nathaniel Long, 35, Defiance, criminal trespass, $50 fine; disorderly conduct, dismissed.

Jeffrey Smith, 34, 717 Thurston St., unauthorized use of property, 30 days jail; drug abuse, dismissed.

Scott Shade, 48, 2109 Royal Oak Drive, OVI, $375 fine, six days jail; assured clear distance ahead, $25 fine.

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