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Defiance Municipal Court

Set for pre-trial hearing: Rodney Taquino, 52, 670 Clinton St., driving under suspension; Linda Urbina, 62, 839 Karnes Ave., driving under suspension; Amy Christine King, age and address unavailable, OVI, failure to control; Angela Adolf, 39, 860 McKinley St., theft.

Sentenced: Bethanie Ashbacher, 26, 21661 Ohio 18, driving under suspension, $100 fine; Joseph Gonzalez, 38, 222 Clinton St., driving under suspension, $100 fine; Courtney Smith, 29, 520 Haig St., disorderly conduct, $50 fine; Dorian Harris, 19, 236 Corwin St., theft, $500 fine, two days jail; Jamie Gares, 56, Hicksville, failure to confine a dog, fourth offense, $75 fine; Robert Hegler, 30, 1115 Ottawa Ave., failure to confine a dog, $25 fine; Brian Bennett, age and address unavailable, prohibitions concerning companion animals, $100 fine.

Mason Aelker, age and address unavailable, OVI, $375 fine, three days jail, one-year license suspension; turning at intersection, costs only.

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